Why Use Branded Lanyards For Carrying ID?

When it comes to identification, lanyards are an extremely versatile and useful tool. Lanyard printing can be used in a multitude of ways, from identifying your brand or business in marketing, to security identification in hospitals, schools and the public sector, to gaining access in an event or festival. Anyone can wear one as they simply go over your head and rest on your chest – providing a clearly visible and concise identification. We’ve taken a look at the benefits of branded lanyards and why they are a great way for carrying ID:

Branded Lanyards for Businesses

Branded lanyards are the perfect way to promote your brand and help your business to grow. Whether it’s a commercial business or a private business, lanyards are an efficient and cost-effective solution to highlighting your brand. Simply personalise your lanyard with your company logo and/or colourways and you will instantly increase your company’s exposure. Lanyards create a sense of professionalism to any business; not only do they instill this within visitors but also within staff, as there is a sense of unity between staff, which instantly improves morale! And being typically worn around the neck, they are constantly visible, making a great (first) impression. And as well as making a great first impression, they help to clarify who is an employee and who isn’t, by simply adding an identification badge for clarity.

Branded Lanyards for Security

Lanyards are the ideal choice for carrying clearly visible identification. Regularly used by security personnel in both public and private sectors, these types of lanyards tend to have specific text or logos to ensure staff are quickly identifiable. They’re an effective and efficient way to hold ID badges which are a must in any line of security – as these quickly show name, role, photo and company. Because they are worn around the neck, this quick identification can ensure no unauthorised personnel slip through the net.

Hospitals, laboratories, and educational settings all benefit from personalised lanyards when it comes to security and access. Being able to easily identify staff helps to keep patients, research and children safe!

Different colour lanyards may also be beneficial for different departments and levels of access too.

Branded lanyards for visitors

In addition to staff identification, visitor identification is of great importance when it comes to security. Lanyards are one of the most affordable, visible and easy to use, forms of identification – making them the perfect choice for both small and large businesses alike. Unlike traditional ID badges, which have to be pinned to an item of clothing, people are far more likely to put a lanyard straight over their head, rather than ruin their clothes or pop in a pocket or bag. A visitor badge can still have all the branding and colours of a business, school or public service, and simply have a prominent VISITOR marked on the identification.

Choose PromoTrade for your promotional printing lanyards

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