Promotional gifts that everyone finds handy

When it comes to picking the right promotional products for your next marketing campaign, you need to give some serious thought to the usefulness of the product you are intending to giveaway. People are much more likely to keep something that is useful to them. And the longer they hold onto that product the longer they will have you in the forefront of their mind for all their future needs. Give thought to your target audience, as what might be useful to some might not be useful to others, so you want to try and target it as best you can, but also be as broad as you can to ensure it is useful of all ages, genders and abilities. We’ve pulled together our most popular ‘handy’ promotional gifts:

Promotional Water Bottles

This is one of the top promotional gifts anyone can ever expect to get. It is a universal product that is handy to all who use it. And it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Whether it’s filled with water, soup, tea, fizzy pop, it’s a great product! Everyone needs to stay hydrated – so by choosing a water bottle as your giveaway, you are consciously choosing something that shows you care about health and wellbeing. And with a promotional thermos water bottle people can opt for both hot and cold options, further increasing its use and the visibility of your company branding. Most water bottles are easily branded too, with a company name or logo and some can even colour the full bottle to tie in with your branding colourways.

Branded Phone Accessories

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones have become everyone’s third arm. People are constantly using them day-in, day-out. So, to provide a useful phone accessory as a giveaway is a great marketing opportunity. Consider phone covers for protection or power banks to recharge batteries on a daily basis. Portable power banks have become increasing popular as phones may need to be charged when out and about!

Branded Cloth Bags

Bags are always useful for all walks of life. Whether they are used to carry items to a from a place of work, of carry items from a shop, people often find they need a bag to hold important items. Branded cloth bags are also particularly useful during trade show events where people might find they’ve picked up a fair number of giveaways. If your company is the one with the bag, you will be the business they think of most, as you have provided the handiest item of all. Relatively low cost and easy to brand, you can opt for a simply logo or a more intricate design. And there are a lot of different material options too, including sustainable and eco-friendly.

Branded USB Car Charger

People still drive a lot to get from place to place, and nowadays people use their phone to navigate to unfamiliar locations. For this reason, a branded USB car charger is very useful tool to have. Particularly of those longer journeys, one’s phone battery might not make it all the way, so a USB car charger can be the difference between getting there or getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way of contacting anyone. If you put your company logo on this handy tool, people will think of you in their time of need and consider you a reliable business. 

Branded Multi Tool

If you’re looking for one product that fits all, a multi tool can be a very useful promotional piece. At PromoTrade, our branded multi tool is an extremely handy tool with 18 functions! From a letter opening, bottle opener, box opening and can opener, to a screw driver and to a screw driver and ruler! It’s the ultimate multi tool to help anyone with their day-to-day needs! And in a compact credit card size, it is ideal to carry around in a wallet or purse, proving even more useful that others. Simply add your logo, and you will be instilled in people’s minds are the useful company.

Branded Magnets

Whether using on a fridge or whiteboard to keep important memos or lists, a branded magnet is a very handy tool! More often than not, important messages get lost. But with a branded magnet, they can remain in the forefront of people’s minds and at a handy eye-level too! Available in a range of sizes and styles, you can ensure your company logo stands out and you have picked a product that people will use of years to come.

Choose PromoTrade for your handy promotional gifts

Promotional items and gifts are only worthwhile if they provide people with a use. If they are not useful, they are not used. And if they are not used, your company log and branding is not seen. And if you are not seen, you are not thought of. If you want your company to be seen and thought of, and are in the market for some truly handy gifts, look no further than PromoTrade. We have a wide range of products, including promotional thermos water bottles, branded phone accessories, branded USB car charger, branded cloth bags, branded mutli tool, branded magnets and much more! 

And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: 

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