Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs:

  1.       Where are your products made?

We have offices in multiple locations around the world, from the Far East to Europe. Our products are sourced based on the best supplier for the products we are looking for.

  1.       Do you Ship Order Globally?

We can ship Globally, however this is an additional charge. For an accurate price and service please contact us.

  1.       Can you do fulfilment?

We are able to fulfil orders and send them out to multiple different addresses. This is for an additional cost. Please contact us for the accurate pricing on an enquiry basis.

  1.       What format do you need the Artwork Files to be?

We need all artwork to be Print Ready, therefore it needs to be outlined and vectored. The formats we accept as AI, PDF and EPS. If the product is CMYK Print please ensure the artwork submitted has the correct CMYK Values embedded into the artwork. If your artwork is not Print Ready, we are able to convert this for you but at an additional cost.

Payment FAQs:

  1.       How do I pay for an order?

You can either pay via BACS, over the phone or via card payment

  1.       How do I open a Credit Account?

To open a credit account please can you email with the document on the link filled in.

  1.       What are the Payment Terms?

Payment is upon receipt of the Invoice if you have a credit account with us, which is sent once the goods have been despatched.

If you do not have a credit account, then you will be required to pay at the time you place your order.

Your Account FAQs:

  1.       Why can’t I login?

If you have an account and you are unable to login, please ensure that there are no spaces or extra characters within the password, such as a space at the end. Our system is character sensitive therefore 1 space on either the password or email it will not let you login. If you have checked this and it is still not working, you can click the forgotten password and you will be emailed a link for you to set a new password. You can amend the password once you are logged in.

  1.       I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Click the Forgotten Password link and you will be emailed a link for you to set a new password. You can amend the password once you are logged in.

  1.      How do I apply for an Online Account?

Please click Create an Account in the top right hand corner. The fill in all of the account details needed. This will then be sent for approval as we are a Trade Only supplier. Once your account is approved you will be able to login and view all pricing as well as place orders and pay for them online.

  1.       How do I amend my details?

If you go to your account on the top right corner and click here. It will take you into your account where you can amend your details.

Orders FAQs:

  1.       How do I place an order?

You can place an order online. You can do this by going to the product you wish the order. Filling out the correct specification for the product. Selecting the quantity and the service. Add to basket. Visit your Basket and then complete the order, delivery and payment details. If you wish to have more training on this please let know and we would love to set up an onboarding meeting with you.

  1.       How can I track the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order within your account. If you go to your account in the top right corner and then click on orders. You will see all of the orders that have been placed along with the current status.

  1.       How do I approve an order?

To approve an order proof, you will receive an email letting you know the final proof has been loaded to your account ready for approval. You can click the link within this email which will take you to the approvals page. Alternatively, you can go to My Account in the top right corner, select proofs and in here you will see all of the orders you have placed which are currently awaiting proof approval. If you click into the proof, you would like to view. This will then show you the approvals screen where you can download the proof to send on to your customer. You can click the big Green Tick to approve the proof and the order will go into Production. Or you can click the big red Cross which will allow you to send information and files to change the proof.

  1.       How do I redeem a discount code?

If you’re placing an order online there is a discount box on the order page, if you enter the discount code in here the discount will be deducted from your order value, providing it is still active and meets the criteria. If you are placing an order with our Customer Services Team please make sure on your PO the coupon code is stated.

5.       How do I amend my delivery address for an order?

Pre-Order FAQs:

  1.       How to I request a sample?

The easiest way to request a sample would be via out website. If you go to the product page which you wish to have a sample, there is then a button which says ‘Request a Sample’ if you click this and fill in delivery address and delivery method. This will then be sent straight to our samples department who will action the sample request for you.

  1.       How can I request a Visual?


  1.       How do I get the price for a product?

You can get a price online by logging into your account. Going to the product page you would like the price on. Complete the product specification to match your needs. The pricing will then update and show in the price matrix. These are the prices which match your enquiry. You can take the price from here, or you can complete it as a quote and have it emailed to you. Which will then keep that price for 30 days. To get this emailed to you please TBC.

  1.       How do I know the lead time on a product?

The lead time will display in the product description, such as 2-3 weeks from Artwork Approval. However, for an accurate lead time visit the product page, build the product you want to match your needs and a delivery date will show. The delivery date is worked out based upon order and artwork by 12pm the same day and approval by 4pm. The delivery date will change based on the rule above.

  1.       Where can I find my Quotes?

You will be able to find all of your quotes in your account. If you go into your account and then go to the quotes section, all of your quotes will be found in here.

  1.       Where can I view my Visuals?

You will be able to find all of your Pre-Order Visuals in your account. If you go into your account and then go to the Visuals section, all of your Visuals will be found in here. You are able to download these and send directly to your customer. Or you can request an amend if the visual needs changing to meet the brief.

Pricing FAQs:

  1.       How much is Delivery?

Delivery to 1 UK Mainland Address is included in the cost. If you would like to do a split delivery please state this when placing the order and the additional cost will be given. If you would like to ship internationally, please specify that in your order and the shipping costs will be shown along with the different services available for you to choose from.

  1.       How does the pricing work?

We work to price breaks which are shown on the price matrix. You are able to place an order for a custom quantity but the pricing will fall within the price breaks. 

  1.       Is Set Up and Origination Included?

All of our pricing includes Set Up and Origination, there are no extra fees.

  1.       I am currently getting a price cheaper elsewhere, can you help?

Yes of course, the best thing to do would be to contact our sales team either via email, chat or phone call and they will be able to help you out.

  1.       How come the pricing is so cheap?

We are able to sell the products at the price we do, due to the sheer volume of orders and product we supply. We are producing and shipping in mass, rather than a couple of boxes here and there. The price doesn’t reflect the quality of our products or service – our ultimate goal is to deliver the best products with the highest service possible at a great price.