Why are promotional products so effective for car dealerships?

Whether you’re an established car dealership or a small start-up, a decent marketing campaign can be the difference between zero and hero in attracting customers to your business. Promotional giveaways are the most effective marketing tool to attract people to your business without breaking the bank.

They raise brand awareness with little effort and can increase reach to potential customers simply by being visible. Research has shown that after receiving a promotional product, 85% of people go back to that business for their services, and 6 out of 10 people who get a promotional product tend to keep them for up to two years!

And it’s no secret that people love getting freebies. So, why are promotional products so effective for car dealerships?

  • Your logo raises brand awareness
  • Versatile design options
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Product products have longevity

Let’s take a look:

Your logo raises brand awareness

brand awareness. Recognising a business simply from a logo is every business’ dream! Being memorable means people automatically associate your business with the products and services you are offering. And the best way to raise brand awareness is through promotional products. The more exposure your brand has, the more likely people are to remember you, and, in turn, choose your business.

Versatile design options for your promotional products

Depending on the promotional product, you can choose to keep designs simple with a logo and brand name, or add imagery, straplines and even contact information. You can choose to have as much or as little content as you see fit. You can even add URLs, QR codes or hashtags to keep items relevant to each campaign, and encourage the customer to find out more information for themselves.

Promotional products increase brand loyalty

Choosing the right promotional product for your business is key – you want to make sure you are choosing something your target audience will use and find useful. You will then gain customer loyalty; by using the product they will be constantly reminded of you and your services. And in turn, people will see customers using the promotional products and be inclined to trust your brand and decide to use your company for themselves.

Greater longevity than other marketing tools

When choosing the right marketing tools to promote your business you need to consider how much exposure you are likely to get from it and weigh that up against the cost it takes to produce it. Large billboards, radio and tv adverts are certainly more costly and can be very fleeting. Whereas, promotional products can cost pennies, depending on your choice of product, and will be in the minds’ eye for much longer periods of time.

A guide to promotional products for car dealerships

Car dealerships have been using branded giveaways as part of their marketing and sales promotions for decades. Low-cost items printed with your logo on that are relevant and useful to your audience as they go about their day, can provide an instant boost your brand or any marketing campaign. Check out our guide to promotional products for car dealerships


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