The Benefits Of Using Branded Keyring Torches

If you have a set of keys, whether it’s to open your front door, your car or your business, you’ll find you are likely to require some sort of keychain or keyring to make it easier to distinguish and to find when you are searching around your bag or pocket. These make for a great promotional product as everyone has at least one key that they use daily, so brand awareness will increase significantly should your customer or employee choose to use your branded keyring on their set of keys. And why not take it that step further and consider a branded keyring torch? Let’s take a look at the benefits below:

They are highly useful and portable

When choosing promotional products, you want to be sure you are picking something that is useful to the recipient. If it is unlikely to be used, it will just get discarded and any promotional advantage will be lost. By choosing something worthwhile, your brand will be better recognised. Choosing a branded keyring torch increases use significantly with its dual-purpose features. Not only does it keep keys together, it creates a mini flashlight for lighting pathways in the winter months, or lights up dark cramped spaces when trying to find something.

A practical reminder of your business

The benefit of a branded keyring torch is that it will be used every day, further enhancing brand awareness and increasing a positive feeling towards your company. It can create a sense of relief and calm too, as losing keys is a mishap that happens all too readily. So, when you find them again, that sense of relief and reliability will, in turn, start to filter down and associate with your brand.

LED Torches have a greater shelf-life and choice

Unlike traditional torches, your have much more flexibility in style and shape and colour, and design! At PromoTrade, our PVC LED Torch Keyring is available within a 50x50mm bespoke shape. It can be printed in full colour on both sides, and each side can be a different design. It is also supplied with 1 or 2 LEDs which are longer lasting than other torchlights. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating something truly memorable whilst serving as a practical everyday tool, further enhancing repeat brand exposure!

They are excellent value for money

Branded keyring torches are a low-cost product to produce, but highly valuable to have within your arsenal. Brand recognition alone is a good reason to choose them. Keys are used every day, so your brand will be promoted every day, without fail! Adding a torch into the equation doesn’t dramatically increase cost, so you’re creating a dual-purpose item, which further increases its usage and therefore brand awareness!


At PromoTrade, we understand the importance of repeat brand exposure and choosing the right promotional products to effectively raise brand awareness, which, in turn, create greater revenue for your business. If you are in the market for a dual-purpose branded keyring torch, look no further than our PVC LED Torch Keyring. And why not check out our full range of Promo Keyrings for further inspiration. We will be more than happy to assist with your promotional printing needs.

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