The Benefits of Promotional Pens

If you’re currently deciding which promotional products to choose for your next marketing campaign, give serious thought to promotional pens. They may be small, but boy are they mighty! Personalised writing tools have been a go-to promotional choice to raise brand awareness for years, and it’s not very hard to see why. This classic promotional item is cost-effective, easy to distribute and undoubtedly, one of the most useful promotional products out there. Here are the top benefits of promotional pens and why you should have them in your next marketing campaign:


With a very low initial price point, they get even cheaper when bought in bulk! We’re talking pennies per pen, meaning you can get your brand into people’s hands for next to nothing. And the durability of a pen means they will stand the test of time, lasting significantly longer than many other promotional options.


Choosing pens doesn’t have to mean choosing a basic plastic pen. There is a vast range of options out there, from different shapes and styles, such as banner pens, brand name pens and novelty pens. You can also choose different types of pens too, from colouring pens, to markers, multifunctional, styluses and traditional writing pens. With so much choice you can ensure you choose the right pen for your audience to achieve maximum impact.


With the right model and branding you can ensure your pen is visible, all day every day. A good pen can last a very long time, and designed correctly, will be used on a daily basis, whether that’s at work, in the home, or out and about. Your branding will therefore be visible for many to see!


Promotional pens are one of the most useful promotional products out there and that makes them one of the most powerful. Promotional products are only effective when they are used. So, by choosing a pen, you are ensuring you have a product that will get a lot of use and, in turn, a lot of exposure.

Customer loyalty

Pens allow a great opportunity for customer loyalty. People won’t just remember your company name; they will think of your brand as a business who pays attention to the tiny details. You will become their go-to business for all their needs and they will tell their friends about you too!

Promotional pens with PromoTrade

Promotional pens are the number one promotional product worldwide! Over 50% of consumers own promotional pens, so it truly is one of the best ways to get your money’s worth as a business and get your branding out there. People love a free pen and by using it at work, in the home, and out and about, they quickly become your branding advocates. Just make sure you choose and design a pen that is right for your business and your target audience, and you’ll be laughing!

That’s where PromoTrade can help! We have a range of options and price points to choose from. So, if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right for you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: