Why and how to build a community at your gym

If you own a gym or fitness studio, your greatest ambassadors are your customers, so it is imperative they are satisfied with your offering. If they are satisfied, they are more likely to keep coming back, promote you to others, and even purchase fitness items; creating a community within your gym and further investing in your business. Communities are the ultimate social networking platform, so to create one within any business, especially within a gym, is of paramount importance. A strong community encourages loyalty and therefore greater awareness and further investment. But how do you build a community? Let’s take a look 

Online presence 

One of the best ways to reach people is online, and there are a number of ways to engage customers through this platform. Such as an engaging website, with blog posts, or specific group posts for certain interests and even forums to encourage discussion about upcoming workouts and schedules, giving customers a chance to weigh in with their viewpoints or preferences. Apps are also a great way to get people more involved with gyms to encourage fitness challenges and take their experience to the next level.  

Create a more personal touch 

Something as simple as learning someone’s name can make a huge impact on a person’s day and their desire to come back to a place. A sense of belonging is key when it comes to community. Introducing ice-breaker questions is another tried and tested unique way to make the experience more personal rather than just an average workout. It allows people to open up and feel more at ease in their setting – and therefore more likely to come back. 

Branded merchandise 

Communities thrive on the recognition of others, and branded merchandise is a great way to bring members closer together. From active promotional fitness products such as water bottles and bandanas, or specific activity items such as cycling products. You can even get your customers to provide feedback on what they might want to see in terms of merchandise, to give them some sense of autonomy over their own experience. Whatever you decide, ensure there is a good range of promotional fitness products to choose from. 

Get outside the gym 

For a community to truly thrive, it needs to exist outside of its remit. By organising social events you can ensure your customers start to recognise each other outside of the gym and become better acquainted. Customers will start to bond over more than their fitness goals. These stronger bonds form a greater investment in your business and in each other.  

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