Branded giveaways car fanatics love

Whether you run a car dealership or a garage, branded giveaways are a great investment to give customers to use while driving or travelling. Physical giveaways are traditionally very popular within most markets, as they are a particularly effective tool for customers to remember your business. And there are plenty of promotional products for cars to choose from. These are our best branded giveaways car fanatics love: 

Air Fresheners 

One of the most effective and affordable choices is the air freshener. They keep vehicles smelling newer for longer and allow your marketing message and logo to be front and centre of the customers mind at all times. With a range of options to choose from too, you are sure to create something memorable. Consider the scent, shape and colour to expose your business and your brand in the best way possible. 

Key Rings 

Intrinsically linked to cars, key rings are the perfect marketing tool to promote your business. And they are arguably more visible as people always have their keys to hand, giving your business the ultimate viewpoint in day-to-day lives. With a range of designs, shapes and styles to choose from, you can choose something that is truly personal and affordable. You can even opt for a trolley coin keyring to allow for a multiple use product, giving customers more exposure to your brand and your business 

Car Phone Chargers 

People use their phones everywhere, including in the car, so by opting for a car phone charger as your branded giveaway, you are providing customers with a useful product that can be used every time they enter their vehicle. And by giving them a purposeful product, they will remember your brand as a reliable and useful business whom they will be more likely to contact again in the future; and certainly promote to others, increasing brand loyalty.  

PromoTrade can help when it comes to promotional products for cars 

We, at PromoTrade, supply a wide range of promotional products for cars that are perfect for any vehicle owner or enthusiast. From ice scrapers and air fresheners to branded car phone chargers. Our promotional products are ideal for car dealerships, whether they are considered a token giveaway or a way to building brand awareness long after the customers drive off in their new car. So, whether you are looking for car dealer promotional products or products for garages or even a car insurance company, PromoTrade can help!