The Promotional Products that Outdoors Goods Retailers Should Invest in

Landing the right promotional products for any business can be a challenge. It takes effective research and sometimes a margin of trial and error. But the right ones should always have the same end aim – to help grow brand awareness, generate new customers and build customer loyalty. Without doubt, the most important factor here is knowing your audience. As an outdoor goods retailer, your customers will appreciate related products, such as a promotional thermos water bottle, which will help them keep their drinks warm or cool on a long hike or bike ride. Conversely, an item such as a promotional nail file, might not be so useful or memorable to them – even if they work really well for other businesses. Taking into account your budget, brand and objectives, selecting the right promotional products can really help benefit your overall marketing strategy. Below are some suggestions for how to use active promotional products for your outdoors goods business.  

Useful AND safe 

Harnessing the power of a promotional product that is both useful and improves the safety of your customers is clever. For example, reflective snap bands can be worn by cyclists, runners or walkers. They could also be used whilst out camping in places where lighting is limited but there may still be cars coming and going. They are an item that people might not think to buy purposefully, but will nevertheless use and find helpful. This creates a feeling of trust and security about your business, simply by association with this product. If they use them in the company of others, your branding will also get noticed and your customer may speak reverently about your business. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms.  

Layering up to stay warm and cool  

Anyone who partakes in outdoor pursuits knows how much their own temperature can vary, depending on their activity, location, exposure and climate. Whether out hiking, sailing, cycling or climbing, managing your own body temperature is vital to staying safe. Items that can be layered, such as thinly knitted, long sleeved tops, vests or hats are ideal for adding or removing depending on the circumstances. Promotional bandanas have also proven to be one of the most loved items for adding a thin layer of warmth, at just the right moment. Gifting your customers handy items will not only mean they associate your company as being friendly and generous, but also knowledgeable about the activities that are important to them.  

Group branding and uniforms 

You might find offering to sponsor local team events or groups will really help promote your brand. For activities such as cycling, this means your branding will get seen far and wide since the group will likely cover large distances. Bike seat cover printing can be a great way to get your branding onto every participant’s bike and will give you great brand exposure if there are crowds that come to see a race or challenge. Other uniform items can be printed with your branding as well such as t-shirts or caps.  

Active Promotional Products for all 

As an outdoor goods retailer, you will be aware of the importance of inclusivity. Some promotional products should be suitable for one and all. Items such as the aforementioned promotional thermos water bottle can be gifted to any customer, with any physical ability. Offering promotional products that anyone can enjoy should be part of your marketing strategy.  

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