Why Unusual Merchandise Makes Your Business Memorable

When it comes to creating stand out for your business, there are many promotional items that can do the trick! Providing a lasting impact for existing and potential customers is the aim of the game and the foundation of marketing. The most effective promotional products are either useful, memorable, or are of good quality. Useability and quality are of great importance, but if you want to truly push the boundaries and make your business well-known, it is the memorable that truly sticks! We’ve pulled together our top unusual merchandise to make your business memorable. Let’s take a look:

Super Useful Collapsible Drinkware

Combining all three ingredients of useful, quality and memorable, there are a number of drinkware items that are truly unique for those on the move. Whilst reusable bottles are a popular choice for promotional items, promoting a healthy lifestyle; a common bug bear for many is the empty bottle you have to carry around when it is not in use. That is where collapsible drinkware has a fresh take on the reusable bottle and allows for less space to be taken up. At PromoTrade we offer the collapsible pocket cup, the collapsible silicone bottle, and the folding water bottle! Check out our full range here.

Novelty Pens Make People Smile

People are always in need of writing tools, and what better way to add a point of difference than to choose a novelty pen. From banner pens where you can add a greater promotion to your business; to the retro click ink pens where people can swiftly change from one colour to the next; to emoji pens, where the beholder can create an instant impact to both themselves and those around them! Check out our full range here.

Good Fun Inflatables

It goes without saying that anything inflatable is unusual and certainly memorable. As we enter the summer months, what better way to promote your business than by choosing a promotional beach ball. They are a great way to promote physical health and wellbeing, and their lightweight nature means they are not likely to cause any harm to those around – making them the perfect way to pass the time in the sunshine! Imagine seeing your business flying back and forth in the local park – it would make for a truly memorable experience! Plus, they are compact when deflated so easy to post out to customers too! Check out our full range here.

Promotional Merchandise

 If you’re looking for a promotional product to tie in with a particular theme or season, look no further than our all-round range of promotional merchandise. From fidget poppers and flags, folding binoculars and magnets, to foam fingers and inflatable bang sticks; there is something for everyone wanting to create a memorable and unusual promotional package! Check out our full range here.

Has any of our unusual merchandise sparked your interest? Or are you looking for more inspiration? With hundreds of products to personalise and choose from, we are confident we will have something for you. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co


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