Merchandise to help promote bars and restaurants

Do you have a bar or restaurant? Are you looking for ways to help promote your business further? Look no further than PromoTrade; our bar promotional products are the perfect choice to entice new customers and retain existing customers too, providing them with great souvenirs that are guaranteed to keep customers coming back for more. But where to start? We’ve pulled together our top merchandise to help promote bars and restaurants – let’s take a look:

Branded Mason Jars

 If you’re promoting a bar or restaurant, the best place to start is with some form of personalised drinking vessel. These are one of the staple bar promotional products and a used by customers most of all. Branded mason jars are an excellent choice for all forms of liquid – especially alcohol! They work well for beer and wine, and are extremely popular with cocktails. And the best thing is, they travel well! The lid allows people to take them anywhere and make more use of them – further promoting your business all over the place! They also make for a great gift, if you’re looking to promote a special occasion or promotion.  Our Sensi and Subra ranges provide 500ml and 600ml jars with a cover and straw in a range of bright colours – providing ample space for branding front and centre of the jar.

Branded Bottle Openers

Branded bottle openers are the next port of call. Not only are they an extremely useful product, they are compact, so therefore portable and usually affordable to buy in bulk. This makes it easier to produce for customers and ensures wider use from everyone too! Nowadays, you can afford to be more creative with bottle openers, making much more of a statement for your bar or restaurant. At PromoTrade we have a wide range of custom metal bottle openers, including our tried and tested Talon Openers – large and small; to our more innovative Raxton bottle opener shaped like sunglasses or our Multi-tool credit card size bottle opener with 18 handy functions. Each option has a clear space for branding, giving you the freedom to decide which style works best for you and your business. For more inspiration, check out our full range here.

Branded Straws

Is it us, or do drinks taste better through a straw? So, what better bar promotional product is there than the promotional straw?! If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier option, our paper straw set is the perfect choice. Including 10 straws presented in a recycled cardboard case, you can promote your bar or restaurant on the case and on the individual straws! And for something a little different, you could consider giving away your very own ‘keep’ straw for extra longevity. Our Silicon straw is flexible, reusable, and 25.5cm in length!

Branded Coasters

One of the simplest (and probably cheapest) products for a bar or restaurant is the branded coaster. They’re a great bar promotional product as they can be given away at any point, whether in the bar, at a trade show, or as a gift. Everyone needs a coaster, whether they’re drinking an alcoholic beverage or a hot cup of chai. Their size and weight mean they’re very easy and affordable to reproduce. Coasters have a decent amount of space for branding too – allowing you to really let your design shine through. Our PVC Coasters are available in a square or circular shape as standard, and can also be moulded to a bespoke shape for further customisation*. 

If you’re in the market for bar promotional products to help promote your bar or restaurant, look no further than our branded mason jars, custom metal bottle openers, promotional straws and branded coasters. And, if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: 

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