Cheap And User-Friendly Promotional Giveaway Ideas

When planning your next big giveaway, always give thought to your choice of promotional products. Remember, promotional giveaways are one of the most effect marketing tools, if done correctly. They can increase brand awareness, entice new and existing customers, lead to higher website traffic and custom, and in turn, improve revenue. For best results, you want something affordable and useful to harness your giveaway goals. We’ve pulled together our top cheap and user-friendly promotional giveaway ideas:

Promotional Drinkware

There can be no better way to promote your brand than through promotional drinkware. The possibilities are endless; whether you opt for a travel cup, a water bottle, a thermos flask, or even an everyday mug. Most have a good size print space to include your logo, slogan and URL, and if you want to be a bit more creative, perhaps an illustration or image.

Everyone needs a drinking vessel, and they can be used for a multitude of liquids so appeal to a wider audience! Promotional drinkware products are becoming bigger than ever, especially with society trying to be more eco-friendly. Simply choose your poison and drink away!

Promotional Writing

Despite living in a technologically savvy world, writing equipment is still very much required, needed and used by the vast majority of people. Whether it’s to jot down a quick shopping list, or a to-do list, everyone needs a promotional writing tool. So, what better way to get your brand out there than to have it on an implement people use every single day?! Why not opt for a promotional pen and notepad to give your target audience the full package – this will make your giveaway seem more significant and appealing, whilst still costing very little. You can even add some creative flair to the notepad.

Promotional Phone Cover

Nowadays, a mobile phone is just as important someone’s wallet and keys when they leave the house. Most people’s livelihood is contained within their phones; you can access your contacts, emails, messages, photos, bank, social media, as well as calculator and satnav. With so much to do on your phone, choosing a branded phone cover with your branding is an affordable and use-friendly choice! People need to protect their livelihood, and with your phone cover they can! They will associate your brand with protection, and a company that cares, and this will lead to further advocacy and custom

Promotional Phone Charger

As with a phone cover, a promotional phone charger is a lifesaver and game changer when it comes to an everyday use-friendly giveaway. It may not be as cheap as the other options, but it will certainly be used daily, and become an essential item to your target audience. They will think of you every time their phone needs charging and this positive awareness will increase custom and advocacy for your brand. You can also opt for wireless charging or multiple adapters to ensure it works for any phone.

Promotional button badges

If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, why not consider promotional button badges. These are a cheap and cheerful giveaway that people can use to customise their clothing, bags, or other items. Usually, the position of a badge is front and centre, so people will be able to easily see and recognise your brand if you include your name, logo and/or URL. You could even consider a different shape for further stand-out!

Promotional Colouring Pens

Colouring isn’t just for kids! But if you are looking to appeal to the younger audience, what better way than to give away promotional colouring pens. These are usually relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk; making them great as a promotional extra to include within a larger giveaway pack, or as a standalone product! At PromoTrade, we have a crayon pack in a kraft box, containing 6 crayons where you can print on the crayon and the kraft box. 

If you’re in the market for some cheap and user-friendly promotional giveaway ideas for your next marketing event, look no further than PromoTrade. We have a wide range of items including promotional drinkware, promotional writing, branded phone covers, promotional phone chargers, and promotional button badges. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: 

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