Why the wellness industry are embracing branded merchandise

Mental and physical health is of the utmost importance in our current climate. Following on from COVID, many more people are experiencing mental health problems, so it’s important to look after one another, whether in the home or in the office. A simple act of kindness has been known to increase feelings of happiness – and the act of giving is a simple, easy and effective way businesses can help! In addition, exercise is well-known to improve one’s state-of-mind. That is why the wellness industry is embracing branded merchandise; to help boost feelings of happiness and well-being within their demographic, with strategically chosen promotional products. We’ve pulled together some promotional options to consider when choosing ‘wellness’ items to help improve peoples’ mental and physical health.

The Rising Popularity Of Promotional Drinkware 

One of the most important and essential things to stay well – both mentally and physically – is to stay hydrated! Branded flasks are the perfect promotional item as they will be used daily by the recipient and benefit both the user and the business. By being in constant use, they are promoting wellbeing, and establishing their business as one that cares! There is no better wellbeing promotional product!

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Promotional Sports Merchandise 

Gifts that promote keeping active are a great way to encourage motivation and ease stress, making people feel better mentally. At PromoTrade we have a range of active promotional products such as our bike seat covers, frisbees, and skipping rope, as well as sports arm strap and bandanas for those who choose exercise in all weathers!

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Encourage Some Self Care With Promotional Gifts

Gifts that pamper are a great way to relieve anxiety and promote mental wellness. Consider branded eye masks to help with sleep and relaxation. Or perhaps opt for nail files and compact mirrors to encourage ‘me time’.

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Managing Stress With Promotional Items

Feeling on top of things and staying organised is a great way to feel more in control, and therefore less stressed. Promotional writing items such as pens and notebooks are a great way to stay organised. Ski Pass Holders are perfect for those who require ID or passes to be shown within the workplace, ensuring they are never left behind. And let’s not forget Fidget Poppers which are a great option for when you might need something to distract your hands with and take your mind off a problem.

If you’re in the market for some wellness promotional products to help improve the mental and physical health of your customers and staff alike, look no further than our Promo Drink, Promo Active, Promo Pamper and Promo Stress Relief items. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co

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