Shining a Light on Your Brand: The Power of Branded Keyring Torches

When it comes to choosing the right promotional product for your business, you want to be sure you are choosing something that is practical and perfectly sized to be used by prospective and existing customers on a daily basis. Useful promotional products gain better traction as they’re usefulness allows them to be seen by the beholder and passers-by, generating more brand awareness and in turn, more custom. Branded keyring torches are extremely practical and popular with a wide age range. They come in many shapes and colours and can be used throughout the year for any promotional occasion. Let’s take a look:



A torch is always a useful product to have. Whether there is a power cut, or you find yourself in a dark space, torches can help to shine a light on where you are and what you are looking for. Light makes people feel safe, so if there is ever a need for it, people will find a torch and use it. Branded keyring torches are the perfect solution, offering an option which is small enough to have on your keys and bright enough to find what you are looking for. People will look at their keyring torch and be forever grateful to the business that helped them through their ‘dark times’.


Wide target audience

Torches are popular at any age. Whether it’s a young child wanting to shine a light sporadically or an adult who might need it to walk down a dark street or look inside a dark space, torches prove useful to anyone and everyone. Every household needs one so it’s a great product to choose for your next campaign.


Lots of choice

Branded keyring torches are one of the more versatile promotional products. Available in a range of colours, sizes, materials and types, you can tailor your design to suit your customers’ needs. Whether you want something more fitting to a younger audience, or more practically minded to an older audience, you’ll be sure to find something suitable for your target audience. And with enough space to market your business too!


Light up your business with PromoTrade’s branded keyring torches

Great to have in an emergency or to light small spaces, your business can gain a lasting impression with the beholder. So, if you’re in the market for a branded keyring torch, look no further than PromoTrade. We will be more than happy to help shine a light on your brand. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: