Inflatable Bang Bang Sticks: Adding Fun and Spirit to Your Events

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, you’ll know that the crowd are the biggest element to creating a decent atmosphere. And one of the ways they do that is through noise – singing, chanting, cheering, and where possible, using bang bang sticks! These promotional paraphernalia make a great deal of noise and are typically used at sporting events, as well as concerts and rallies. Being well-used at these events, they are also a great marketing tool to getting your business and your products out there for people to see. Bang bang sticks can highly benefit your business, charity or event. Let’s take a look:


What is a bang bang stick?

Bang bang sticks are noise-making tools to create a louder atmosphere and draw attention. They are large sticks, which, when beaten against each other, create a booming noise similar to thunder. There are many different types of bang bang sticks available including inflatable bang bang sticks, with reusable and non-reusable versions, as well as light up options. The size and scale of them means they are a really useful tool for marketing. You can print anything you want, from your logo and contact info, to an image or graphic.


Types of bang bang sticks

As touched upon, bang bang sticks are usually inflatable to help create that booming sound. You can get reusable bang bang sticks which come with an inflation valve allowing you to inflate and deflate accordingly. This option is great for storage when not in use, and is made out of sturdy vinyl PVC making them more durable than their counterparts. Non-reusable inflatable bang bang sticks are a single-use product with no inflation valve. You blow them up similar to a balloon and are made from slightly more affordable PVC. They are a little more rigid which makes a louder noise than its counterpart. Light-up bang bang sticks offer an added element of design and pizzazz with LED lights encased in the vinyl that light up as soon as you bang them. All options allow a decent area for branding so it’s really up to you which option you would like to go for to make your event that little bit extra!


Why use bang bang sticks?

Bang bang sticks are a great way to add more atmosphere to any event. They create sound and draw attention when the crowd is unable to, or perhaps tired of using their own voices. They enable fans to cheer while still paying attention to the event. They are incredibly light to hold so won’t tire out people using them and they are incredibly popular with all ages from young children to senior citizens.


Where should you use bang bang sticks?

With their main purpose to create noise and atmosphere, this type of promotional product is better placed at events such as sporting events, concerts and festivals, charity events, and fundraisers. Not only will they create an amazing energy to any event, many will take them home and use them for future events allowing more brand exposure. And depending on the event, some might even display them within their homes as mementos to the occasion so be sure to consider the design carefully for this very reason.


Are bang bang sticks cost effective?

Compared to other promotional products, inflatable bang bang sticks are some of the most affordable and cost-effective solutions. They create maximum impact for less money and you can get them in bulk orders too! With the option to print on one side or two, there is plenty of scope to market your business in a fun and exciting way.


Choose Promo Trade for your Inflatable Bang Bang Sticks

If you’re interested in getting some inflatable bang bang sticks for your next event, consider PromoTrade. We offer pantone matched MOQ From 100 pieces, with printing of up to 4 spot colours, as well as the option for a different design on the 2nd stick, giving you more advertising options. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: