Maximise your gym’s impact with promotional products for gyms

Whilst it is true that the fitness industry is fiercely competitive, there is an ever-increasing drive and eagerness for taking our health into our own hands, being well and investing time into staying fit. However, some businesses can find keeping up with the latest trends and attracting new customers a challenge. One effective and creative way to achieve this is by using promotional products for gyms. Promotional products not only enhance brand recognition but can also help to create a community among your members. Here, we explore how you can use branded merchandise to promote your gym.


Create a sense of belonging


For many, joining a club or team is as much about socialising as it is getting fit. In this way, gyms become thriving hubs, especially when members feel like they’re encouraged to be part of a community. Gifting or selling branded apparel like tank tops or hoodies for your members to wear during workouts or as casual wear cannot just build camaraderie among members, but it also turns them into walking advertisements for your gym.


Bottle the wellness


Branded water bottles have become a hugely popular item in recent years. But are also both practical and versatile and make fantastic promotional products for gyms. All gyms should be investing in providing these promotional products to members for free or at a minimal cost. Hydration is essential during workouts, and branded water bottles will act as a constant reminder of your gym’s investment in their health and well being. As well as water bottles, branded protein shaker bottles are a sought after item for many gym goers with the surge in popularity for becoming buff.


Bags of convenience


Customised bags are another hot item at the moment. With the huge push in recent years towards sustainability, branded tote bags have become a popular accessory. Taken to the supermarket, local shops, and more applicably here, to the gym, people love promotional bags and get much use out of them. If you take the time to create eye-catching designs, branded gym bags can also serve as conversation starters, inadvertently encouraging your members to promote your gym in their daily lives.


Get your members accessorised


Fitness enthusiasts often use accessories such as resistance bands, skipping ropes, and foam rollers to enhance their workouts. Investing in customised items like these, with your gym’s name and logo gets your branding seen, even when the items are taken out of the gym. Additionally, your gym’s brand will be associated with their fitness successes and goals.


Smart promotions with tech


If your budget allows, consider giving away fitness trackers or smartwatches as part of promotions or raffles. These high-value items can attract new members and motivate existing ones to stay committed to their fitness goals while continuously exposing them to your gym’s brand. These types of promotional products can also help your business to be viewed as high status.


Engage Through Social Media


Every business today should harness the power of social media. Running contests and giveaways are a great way to engage audiences. Gyms can urge members to post workout photos or refer friends to your gym to enter the chance of winning promotional products. This not only increases your gym’s online presence but also engages and grows your community.


Keep members feeling valued


Develop a loyalty program where members earn points for referrals, class attendance, or reaching fitness milestones. Small items such as branded silicone wristbands or promotional sweatbands are great items to give away as freebies for all new members to begin with. But rewarding people with more valuable promotional products for gyms, when they accumulate a certain number of points, creates incentives and encourages them to stay loyal and active at your gym.


Promotrade – your partner for Promotional products for gyms


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