Wear Your Brand with Pride with Lanyard Printing

In a world where branding and marketing are essential to stand out from the crowd, custom lanyards are one of the most underrated yet effective tools to promote your brand. They not only serve a practical purpose, but also a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to wear your brand with pride and make a lasting impression on your audience. They are essentially a mini mobile marketing billboard around each employee’s neck and a missed opportunity if you’re not currently using it to promote your brand and your business effectively. Let’s take a look at how you can wear your brand with pride through effective lanyard printing.

Why lanyards matter

Lanyards are versatile and practical accessories used in various settings – from corporate events to trade shows, conferences and everyday use. They are designed to hold identification badges, keys and other small items, making them an integral part of many employees’ daily routines.

Customised lanyard printing

Custom lanyard printing offers a chance to really highlight your brand identity. You can choose from a wide range of materials, colours and designs to create lanyards that align with your brands’ aesthetics. Whether you opt for sleek and professional or vibrant and creative, lanyard printing can help you achieve your desired look.

Brand visibility

Lanyards are worn around the neck, making them highly visible to everyone around, meaning employees are essentially walking advertisements for your business. This increased visibility helps reinforce your brand in the minds of your target audience and can even push sales and enquiries about products and or services. Ensure your company logo is clearly visible and your branded colours are used. Choose a clear font and decent images to further enhance your lanyard printing.

Create a sense of pride with employees

Custom lanyards add a touch of professionalism to your team’s appearance. If your lanyard printing is done tastefully and effectively, your staff will be more inclined to wear them. They will want to wear their brand with pride, and in doing so, have more pride in their work. They create a sense of unity, making them feel like more of a team member and, in turn, strive to work better for the company.

Lanyard printing with PromoTrade

Custom lanyard printing is a cost-effective and versatile way to promote your brand. Whether you want to enhance brand visibility, create a professional image or make memorable impressions, lanyard printing is the perfect choice. At Promotrade, we can help you create the perfect lanyard design to wear your brand with pride. Contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co and we would be happy to help!