Promotional products to incentivise gym signups

More and more people are committed to improving their mental health and wellbeing, and many more are looking for ways to improve their health and fitness in the process. Gym memberships are on the up since the pandemic as people have become increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining and fit and healthy lifestyle. So, if you’re looking for ways to further incentivise gym memberships, what better way is there than to provide promotional sports products. We’ve pulled together a list of the best promotional sports products to incentivise even the most unlikely of gym memberships:

Promotional Drinkware is always popular

Hydration is key to any successful form of exercise! And as luck would have it, promotional drinkware is possibly the most cost-effective promotional products for gyms as well! With designs to suit every budget, and any exercise style, branded plastic water bottles are the perfect item to use within the gym as well as at home, maximising visibility of your gym branding. Offering an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles, customers will use them day in day out, ensuring your business gains greater exposure. With so many custom plastic sports water bottles options to choose from, consider your gym offering and then decide which style water bottle works for you. For example, branded cycling water bottles are a good choice if you offer a lot of cycling classes and exercise bikes.    

Headphones help your customers focus

Lots of people like to exercise ‘in the zone’ with little to no distraction from others around them. Choosing promotional headphones is a great choice! It gives people a sense of personal space within a space that is usually high-traffic. They can also be used outside of the gym for the daily commute or at home. And with these items being in everyone else’s eyeline, passers-by will be able to see your gym logo and feel incentivised to visit.

Hats and wristbands to showcase branding

Promotional hats are always a good choice and are ideal for court sports such as tennis, badminton and squash, but can also work well for other forms of exercise. With the right hat you can be sure people will see your gym branding and be inclined to visit.

While promotional wristbands are used globally for promotional merchandise and would be a great marketing tool for promoting a new gym branch. With many different types to choose from, including; silicone, fabric, reflective snap bands and more!

Keyrings and trolly coins

Most gyms have lockers for people to store their personal belongings while they exercise. By providing people with branded trolley coins on branded keyrings, people will more likely increase their visits to the gym as this prevents the need for space change in their wallets. Printed or engraved with your artwork, customers will think of you every time they use their keys to open a door or start the car. They will be drawn to your logo and be inclined to visit the gym more regularly. And potential customers may also be exposed to your gym and feel the desire to visit.

Incentivizing your members is a great way to provide extra value, and promotional fitness products are a great way to do this. With great incentives, comes customer loyalty. And when you have loyal members, they are more likely to refer your gym to their friends and family- further adding to the gym family. Loyal customers can become your most effective brand ambassadors, and choosing the right promotional fitness products are a key factor in obtaining and maintaining customer loyalty. Going above and beyond for your customers will make them feel appreciated and will in turn increase revenue for you and your gym.


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