The secret behind a successful giveaway campaign

As we all know, giveaways are a great marketing tool for better engagement with your target audience and, in turn, greater growth for your company. Giveaways are the perfect way to improve a brand’s image and drive sales. And there are so many products to choose from and ways to give them away. So, what is the secret behind a successful giveaway campaign? Let’s take a look:

Which businesses are better placed for giveaways?

Most industries are able to create a giveaway campaign successfully: from the automotive industry, to the beauty/fashion industry; design, electronics, and entertainment industries through to the fitness and sports industry, and food industry; and of course, don’t forget the marketing and advertising industry, and music industry; not to mention the transport and traveling industries. The list goes on

What is the purpose of your giveaway?

The first thing you need to carefully consider is what is your end goal for your giveaway? What do you want to achieve? Are you hoping to reach a wider audience? Or entice a newer audience? Do you wish to generate more sakes? Or create a better understanding of what you as a company do? Once you know that, you can decide on the rules of the giveaway. For example, if you want more followers, you should have a rule that ensures people have to follow your page in order to participate.

How are you promoting your giveaway?

There are many different platforms to consider, from social platforms, to DM marketing, as well as pop ups and flyers. Consider how the campaign can work for you and your business; some have opted for photo competitions; or a referral competition; a #hashtag competition or simply running an advert.  However you decide, make sure you promote across all effective channels and plan a budget for the promotion of the campaign in order to reach its full potential.  

Choose your giveaway item carefully

When choosing the right giveaway for your campaign, you need to give serious thought to how the promotional item relates to you, your company, and your industry. You are trying to target a key audience, so the giveaway needs to be relatable to be successful! You want your audience to be truly interested in what you have to offer, rather than just grabbing a freebie.

For example, if you are looking for promotional products for car dealerships, you could consider branded microfibre cloths, or promotional phone chargers. These are ideal promotional products for cars and car owners alike; and are ideally suited to a car dealership campaign. It relates to the industry and to the target audience. And can be used as part of a greater campaign to win a car! For example, every entrant receives a free branded microfibre cloth when they enter a prize draw to win a car? It is useful and it helps leaves customers with an item that stays within their car and drives them to think of your company with all things car related. In turn, generating more sales and promotional travel products

Choose PromoTrade for your next giveaway campaign

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