Promotional Products For Gyms That Inspire Your Customers

Many of us are regular gym attendees, whether it be as part of a rigorous keep or get-fit regime, or general health and wellbeing exercise. Whatever the motivation for people to work-out, it is a competitive market for gyms to attract, and retain, customers. Using promotional fitness products and branded merchandise can be an effective method of generating business for your gym business. Here are some promotional products for gyms that you could consider:

Branded Drinkware is Trending

At every gym you will see people regularly reaching for their drink as they exercise, whether on a treadmill, rower or performing free weight training. Conscientious trainers always have drinks bottles to hand to keep themselves hydrated whilst they work out. Alongside these bottles, many gym users also regularly consume health drinks. Protein shakes, smoothies, and other drinks. During the day at home or work. Promotional drinkware items such as simple water bottles and shaker bottles bearing your gym logo will be constant and regular reminders to the users, and those seeing them, of your brand and your business.

Promotional Towels For Gym Users

An essential accessory for all gym users is their towel. People can work up a serious sweat during a workout and will regularly reach for a towel during their session. Towels are regularly on show throughout a gym and changing room, so branded merchandise like this is a great subliminal marketing tool. On top of this, branded towels will be washed and laundered at people’s homes and then potentially used outside of the gym environment at sporting events or external classes. This further increases the chance of brand exposure. 

Branded T-Shirts Aren’t Just For The Gym

Among the most popular promotional fitness products are branded shirts. Many gym members are proud of the gym they attend and like to wear their branded shirts, in a similar way that people wear the colours of their favourite football team or music band tee shirts from concerts. Your gym members will advertise your business every time they leave their house wearing it. Whether they are on their way to and from the gym itself, after the gym running errands or just out and about on their day off.

Easy to Wear Wristbands

Popular accessories for gym users, wristbands are often worn whilst working out. Promotional fabric wristbands are a colourful accessory that many customers enjoy wearing as way to show their support to certain causes or a place of business they patronise. Reusable, washable and comfortable, wristbands are an easy to use promotional item which also guarantee your brand logo is being displayed prominently and regularly for all to see.

Branded Yoga Mats

Yoga is a massively popular exercise regime for many people. Everyone participating in yoga or partaking in other classes like Pilates, or even strength training, uses a mat. Yoga mats branded with your gym logo and colours will constantly be on show – and perhaps taken to other fitness venues for classes. Therefore acting as a free advertising vehicle for your business. Using eye catching patterns or bright colours is an even more sure fire way to get your branding noticed.

Everyone Uses Bags 

Just about everyone visiting your gym arrives with a bag containing all they need for the session. Change of clothes, towel, water bottle, yoga mat. Other possessions like keys, wallet, phone, and such are also stowed in bags to place safely in lockers whilst working out. Branded promotional bags, be they sports bag or drawstring type, will act as a vehicle for advertising for your business every time a gym member travels to and from your gym – as well as members using the bags for other everyday activities!

Other Branded Merchandise Products

Other promotional fitness products you can consider for marketing your gym are Bluetooth earphones, notebooks, or journals – to help members record and track their fitness progress – and fitness items such as resistance bands, and hand grip exercisers all branded prominently with your gym logo and colours.

A way to encourage use of your promotional products for gyms is to set up a gift shop of these items at your gym reception. Perhaps offer some items as part of a gift pack to new members or use them as incentives and rewards for personal training achievements set by gym members. Regardless of how your customers attain their promotional fitness products, they will have the effect of reinforcing your brand whenever and wherever they are used and seen.

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