Why use promotional pet products?

Believe it or not, the market for promotional pet products is enormous and is continually growing. Many households now own a pet so it’s a worthwhile investment to choose promotional pet products for your next marketing venture. Pet owners love their fur babies and are guaranteed to spend extra pennies on a product for them rather than themselves. Whether your business chooses to sell promotional dog leads or promotional dog toys, you need to ensure your business branding is strong to stand out from the crowd and entices customers to choose your promotional pet products over anyone else’s.

Promotional pet products can raise brand awareness

If your business is a Veterinary clinic, dog groomer, pet ‘hotel’ etc, promotional pet products are the perfect choice to help promote, grown and run your business. Low-priced items with a simple log on to giveaway to customers can truly help to raise awareness of your business and your brand in a fun and creative way. And even if your business isn’t centred around pets, promotional pet products can still be useful for a majority of your customers. Simply place items near till points and many will choose to buy as a last-minute purchase.

There are three main areas of promotional pet products for your consideration:

Health care promotional products

Items such as brushes and toothbrushes are ideal if you own a dog grooming business. You can use them on your clientele as well as offer them up as free giveaways or even low-cost items to encourage owners to use outside of your business. Dog walkers might find light=up safety tags or collars ideal for their business to ensure they can stay safe whilst walking dogs in the evening.
First aid kits are required for pets as well as humans, and having one that is specifically tailored to a pet is an ideal promotional product. By putting your message and log on an item such as this will ensure it stays in the customers home and that their thoughts are of you and your business when they tend to their pet. This association with health and safety and caring for their pet will ensure greater business in the future as they see your business as a one that cares about their fur baby.

Promotional dog toys and treats

Promotional dog toys are a great way to get your brand exposed to the wider audience, when customers are out and about with their dogs. They also create a great association with your brand within the customer’s home, and let’s face it, if the dog loves the toy, the owner loves the brand!
Treats, like sweets for adults, are always a winner! Offering a free dog bone or cat treat at the end of a visit will likely win over many a customer, old and new. The pet might not be aware of where the treat has come from, but the owner will, and that memory will certainly result in more custom as they align your business with one that cares for their pet. This type of promotional product is also idea for dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, as well as pet-related businesses.

Daily use promotional products

These items might not be the most exciting or enticing giveaways, but they are the most essential. Items such as promotional dog leads, dog bowls or poop bag dispensers are required on a daily basis, both inside and outside of the home. These items make the owners lives that little bit easier and have a greater impact on their daily lives. They also have a great deal of space for advertising your brand logo, your brand message, and even your company contact details.

Choose PromoTrade for your Promotional Pet Products

When it comes to choosing the right promotional pet product for your business, keep in mind that customers tend to focus on the health, safety and happiness of their pets.

If you’re in the market for promotional pet products, for your business and your customers, look no further than PromoTrade. Focusing on the everyday items, we offer a range of promotional dog leads, poop bag dispensers and a collapsible dog bowl. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co 

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