The growth of popularity of reusable water bottles

Climate change is still a big issue for 2021. And with society trying to become more eco-friendly, promotional drinkware products are becoming bigger than ever.

Plastic water bottles have been around since the 70s, providing a cheaper alternative to glass and quickly becoming the go-to material for bottling any beverage. Now, sustainable and reusable drinks bottles are becoming the more popular choice, with their eco-friendly benefits.

Their popularity comes with the perfect promotional opportunity for many businesses to promote their brand message, products and services. And anything businesses can be seen to be doing to tackle the climate emergency will be perceived as a positive and meaningful contribution.

At Promo Trade, we’ve pulled together our top reasons why reusable water bottles have grown in popularity and why you should consider reselling them to business:

Eco-friendly products are gaining greater prominence

In a society where reuse, refuse, recycle is more and more the norm, the demand for convenient and eco-friendly products has boosted the reusable water bottles’ value.

They are a convenient resource, and marketing with them can be extremely beneficial for businesses to spread their messaging and reach new customers, whilst in turn, building up their green initiatives.

Higher value through eco-friendly materials

Unlike other promotional products, there is a variety of materials available when choosing the right reusable bottle for a business.

At Promo Trade, the most popular choice is the branded metal water bottles. But no matter what material you choose; whether it’s stainless steel or recycled BPA-free plastic, the real value of a reusable bottles is that the number of single-use bottles it will significantly reduce.

Reusable water bottles are one of the most popular trade only promotional products because they can last a lifetime. If properly looked after, a business can have their brand, product or service promoting their message for years to come.

Cost effective choice over products with limited purpose

Other promotional products such as pens and diaries not only have a shorter lifespan, they have a limited purpose. There is always a need for a reusable water bottle, in any situation.

They are extremely affordable and cost effective from a marketing perspective, and also save customers money as a result of not having to rely on purchasing drinks when out and about. This convenience increases further promotion of a business and brand, giving a greater return on the investment.

Durability lasts a lifetime

The clue is in the name. Reusable means repeated use. And repeated use equals repeated impressions.

With a product that is built to last, whatever the brand, product or message a business is trying to promote, it will benefit from repeated use. By replacing single-use plastic with sustainable materials, a reusable water bottle has added value and won’t simply end its journey after a few uses.

By investing in reusable water bottles as promotional products, businesses can provide customers with reliable and durable merchandise. Customers will feel good at helping to reduce the use of single-use plastic and, in turn, help promote the business’ message.

At Promo Trade, our promotional Drinkware includes a range of different drinkware products from; Bottles, Travel Mugs, Bottle Openers, Eco Friendly Bottles and Straws just to name a few.

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