Why Branded PPE Is A Great Way To Market Your Business

When you hear the term PPE, these days you automatically go to face masks. However, within the workplace, it is so much more that that! PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, and is extremely important for many businesses in order to maintain the wellbeing of their staff and customers. It can range from helmets and hi-vis jackets to face masks, gloves and goggles. And each of these items can easily be branded with your business name or logo. If your company requires PPE, consider opting for branded PPE over unbranded PPE; it is the perfect marketing tool to promote your business. And here is why:

Items that boosts brand awareness

This is the number one reason for branded PPE. Adding your business name or logo to a company uniform creates a whole new level of brand identity. People will recognise you and your business instantly, and will associate you with what you do. Even something as simple as a branded face mask. Each interaction with a customer or tradesman is another plug to market yourself! And if people have more ways to recognise your business, they are more likely to choose you again.

Give your staff added security with uniform

With branded PPE you can easily see who is an employee and who is not. In certain workplaces, it’s important to know who’s who to prevent accidents from happening, and branded PPE can stop everyday people from walking into restricted areas. It can also prevent stealing, not only by preventing members of the public from moving freely within the work environment, but by simply having branded PPE that people may intend to pilfer to sell onto others. With a branded uniform, they are less likely to take items, as it would be difficult to re-sell. 

An opportunity for additional marketing 

In a nutshell, branded PPE is free advertising. Done right, promotional PPE can make your business look professional, make your team easily identifiable and allow the public to see who is an employee and who isn’t – all the while engraining your company logo into their minds. The image you are creating is one of trust and authenticity. And people buy into that – they will want to use you and your business again!

Branding increases morale and professionalism

It is believed that staff who wear some form of branded uniform tend to take more pride in their work. Simply by wearing something branded, they feel a more valued member of the team. And by wearing a branded item, they are more likely to take better care of them, making them a worthy investment for your company. Some companies even use it to differentiate between roles.

By simply adding a logo to an item of PPE, you are increasing the value of the product and creating a much more professional look for the wearer. It serves a dual purpose, to protect and to promote. And this level of promotion added to the wearer’s professionalism. It adds a positive impact to the wearer and implies a level of success and establishment. Staff are, therefore, less likely to do something untoward when they are wearing their company’s branding.

You don’t need to be wearing a fully branded uniform to make a difference, any one item can do it. Consider printed face coverings for example, they are a simple yet effect tool to promote your business within eye level of the customer and add a level of professionalism for a fraction of the price! 

Choose Branded PPE

So, there you have it. Branded PPE is the ideal choice for marketing your business. If you’re looking for promotional PPE, we at PromoTrade have whide range of printed face coverings to choose from. So, if our reasons have inspired you to buy a branded face mask, take a look at our single/ double/ triple layered and premium options. At PromoTrade, all of our face coverings have been designed for practical use and to keep you safe. If you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co

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