Why Bars Need To Customise Their Swag

If you’ve ever been to a bar, restaurant, or cafe where they have customised items such as promotional straws, coasters or glasses, then you’ll be aware of the power this type of marketing holds. Most people have visual memories without even realising and it’s this kind of subconscious association that using bar promotional products as marketing tools taps into.

There are lots of reasons why investing in branded merchandise as part of a marketing strategy is effective and there are many types of products which are suitable for the hospitality and catering industries.

Here, we explore some ideas…

Get your logo seen

There are some companies who get a grasp of branding from day dot. These are places that get remembered not only for the in-house experience but also because they know what it means to create a visual memory for their customers. Having your company logo etched across numerous products or places within your establishment – be it a mural on the wall, a custom neon sign or some branded mason jars – is a repeated reminder of their experience wherever they go within the premises.

Who doesn’t like a freebie?

Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie! When we’re offered a token item upon making a purchase in a shop, visiting a restaurant or becoming a member somewhere, it makes us feel appreciated and welcome. The most loved free gifts are those that customers can use repeatedly and that come in handy in day to day life. A branded giveaway is a reminder of your business every time a customer uses their gift and is a constant reinforcement of your business.

What items can be branded?

The answer here is everything! There is a print solution for almost any surface these days. The trick here is making sure your promotional products are relevant to your business, something your customers will use, and ideally, something that can be seen by numerous people.

Here are some tried and tested bar promotional products to get your branding noticed:

  • Branded metal straws – So many people now are conscious about being more earth friendly. These fantastic gifts tick that box and will be loved by children and adults alike. Handed out as a novelty gift along with a soft drink or cocktail, this small but perfect promotional product will be used again and again and get seen by friends and family when used at home or parties, reinforcing your brand with every use.
  • Promotional Drinkware – Coming in all kinds of shapes, colours and styles, you can be sure to find a promotional drink bottle that fits in with your business and branding. Promotional drink bottles remain one of the most popular promotional products out there. Not only are they one of the most trendy items on the market, they are also one that customers will use when they are out and about, thereby infinitely increasing your brand visibility.
  • Promotional bottle opener – These are always a welcome gift. Have you noticed how these are the types of items that always seem to get lost or misplaced? A bottle opener is always a handy gift for customers and can be given to members of staff as well who will use them not only on their shift but also at home, meaning that they get seen by their friends, family and customers alike.

Get branded with Promotrade

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