The Most Handy Giveaways for Customers

With so many giveaways and options for branded merchandise rattling around out there, it’s easy to pick the same things as everybody else. And whilst there are some promotional items that are long lasting favourites for a reason, it’s also a good idea to think outside the box sometimes and look for products that other companies aren’t offering so many of or even better, ones that your customers will find handy and useful over and over again.

Here are some of the best useful promotional items on the market today:

Branded phone accessories

Almost every single person in the world has a mobile phone today. And most people use their mobile phones very regularly through the day. Therefore, any branded accessory related to mobile phones is going to go down well with a customer. How many times have you looked for a phone charger in the house or car and not been able to find it? Your other half has moved it, your kids have taken it to their room, or you’ve put it away somewhere “safe”.

How many times have you dropped your phone, only to wish you’d put a cover on it? Items like promotional chargers, promotional phone covers and all manner of branded phone accessories will be a happily received giveaway for any customer.

Promotional products for out and about

There are some items that are just always going to come in handy when you’re out and about. The first one is a bag. A foldable no woven bag is perfect for getting your branding onto and can be tucked away neatly to come in handy just when your customer needs it such as when they’re out shopping or for those unplanned moments. Promotional trolley coins are another boon when you need a coin to operate a shopping trolley or gym locker and have forgotten to bring any cash out with you. Tell your customers to attach their promotional trolley coin keyring to their bag or inside their coat so that they always have it when they need it most!

Another super useful item for being out and about is a pair of sunglasses. Keeping a handy pair of sunglasses in a bag or in the car is perfect for those times when the sun decides to unexpectedly creep out from the behind the clouds. Every customer out there will appreciate a set of promotional sunglasses, even if they’re just as an extra set for emergencies.

Branded drinkware

So many people these days take a drink out with them for when they’re on the go. Promotional drink bottles aren’t just for gym goers any more. Nowadays, kids use them for school, dog owners take them out whilst on a walk, people who are trying to meet their hydration quota use them on a daily basis, office workers who are trying to combat air conditioning. The list goes on. Your customer may find a promotional thermos water bottle is particularly handy since it will keep their chosen drink the temperature they desire, whether that’s something warm for a cold day or something cold on a hot day. There are so many styles to choose from, it’ll be easy to find one that will suit your business.

Promotional keyrings

Let’s be clear – keyrings of any variety are a handy giveaway item. Most people don’t want to spend hard earned money on something as humdrum as a keyring and most people have multiple sets of keys for various reasons, so being given a promotional keyring is always going to be a welcome free gift. One in particular is the multifunctional keyring. The keyring that doubles as a USB, bottle opener, spanner or pocket knife is definitely a popular and useful choice for many customers. Getting your branding onto a keyring is a handy reminder of your business every time they use them.

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