Top Selling Promotional Products in 2024

When it comes to determining which promotional products are going to be the most popular for the year, it generally boils down to three key features; their usefulness, their affordability and their versatility. If the promotional product has all three in abundance, they are sure to be the most popular selling promotional products on the market. And as we reach the end of the first quarter of 2024, we have found our top selling promotional products have come as no surprise. Let’s take a look:

Water bottles

Always a popular choice, water bottles are a classic promotional product that continues to stand the test of time. Every single demographic can get on board with a water bottle and it is arguably one of the most useful promotional products out there. With a wide range of options, styles and materials, they are highly versatile. Whether you use it for the gym, the commute or at home, they can be used by anyone and everyone. The water bottle is, and continues to be, a top selling promotional product in 2024.


A classic promotional product; highly affordable and useful, it can be gifted to potential clients, handed out at trade shows, and even used by staff on a daily basis. Easy to store and difficult to spoil, pens can last a long time. Useful to all who wield them, they are a great way to promote your business for a considerable amount of time.


Going hand-in-hand with pens, branded notebooks are a great choice for customers and employees alike. From writing to-do lists, to taking notes in meetings, notebooks are a great way to help organise thoughts and ideas. They are the perfect choice to help support employees and help them become more efficient in their day-to-day tasks. And with a branded notebook, employees will feel like a valued member of the team and more invested in their place of work.

Eco-friendly products

Any item that helps to reduce the carbon footprint is a popular promotional product. Whether it’s an eco-pen, eco-notebook or even an eco-water bottle, sustainable promotional products are increasingly more popular as people want to do their part to help create a more sustainable future. With many more affordable eco-friendly options out there, its popularity has increased and helps to showcase businesses intention to help create more sustainable products to reduce global warming and create a better future.

Choose your promotional products with PromoTrade

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