How to get your staff to help promote your business

One of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal is your employees. With first-hand knowledge of your products and/or services, they interact with customers daily and are a simple and cost-effective way to promote your business. And by promoting your business, they will create a better atmosphere, generating trust in your business with clients and associates. There is no better way to promote your business than through word of mouth – and who better to promote your business than your own employees?

Of course, this only works if your employees are happy, so that needs to be the first step in any business, and can be done by simply listening to your staff, providing suitable incentives, creating a positive environment and building opportunities for growth. Once you have these in place, your staff are much more likely to harness a passion for your brand and become strong advocates for your business:

Marketing opportunities

One way to get your staff to help promote your business is to make sure they are properly informed with the right marketing opportunities. A weekly email, perhaps, is a good way to outline key talking points and provide direct links to promote your business. Consider a graphic or a social media post to encourage employees to share.

Educate your employees about your brand

Your staff should have a deep understanding of your brands values, mission and goals. This will help them to better articulate your brand’s message and promote your business in a way that is authentic and effective. Training and resources are a great way to help them understand your brand and its unique selling points.

Encourage staff to share experiences

Sharing positive experiences with friends, family and social networks is a great way for staff to advocate for your business. Whether that is through social media, review sites or simple word of mouth. These shared experiences will help to build trust with potential customers and increase your brands visibility.

Provide incentives, recognise and reward

People are always more likely to promote something if there is something in it for them. Incentives, whether monetary or otherwise, are always a popular option. If you are wanting to show your brand as one that cares, you must first look at your employees. Recognition and rewards are some of the most powerful motivators – consider bonuses, promotions and other incentives that make your staff feel appreciated and valued.

Use merchandise to promote your business

As well as word of mouth, you can encourage your employees to obtain certain merchandise to promote your brands values, mission and goals. For example, if you wanted to show you are a brand that cares about a greater purpose, such as the environment, consider providing your employees with their own collateral to help promote this. Eco-friendly merchandise, such as eco wristbands and RPET lanyards are a great way to do this. And through the powerful marketing tool of social media, you can even provide your staff with images and videos of eco-friendly merchandise in use, along with hashtags such as #ecowristbands and #rpetlanyards.

PromoTrade can help to promote your business

Remember, the first thing your staff need to be is happy and satisfied at work. Only then, can they really help to promote your business. Once you are sure of their happiness, the key to getting your staff to promote your business is to make it as easy as possible for them. If you give them the tools, assets and support they need to talk about your company you will see a bigger return on investment.

So, if you are wanting to promote yourself as a company, passionate about helping the environment, make sure you provide them with the necessary eco-friendly merchandise, such as eco wristbands and RPET lanyards to maximise the visibility of your brand in this way.

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