Custom car air fresheners – the perfect promotional product

If you’re looking for the perfect promotional products for cars, look no further than the custom car air freshener. They are, hands down, the most effective – and cost-effective – giveaway for marketing campaigns. Low in cost and lightweight, they can even be sent out in direct mailings with ease. Whether you’re a small one-man business, or a large establishment, custom car air fresheners are the perfect choice, creating a high impact for very little cost.

Car air fresheners can be customised in every aspect to reflect any business; from the design, shape, colour, imagery and even fragrance! Making them the perfect piece of branded merchandise. We’ve pulled together a list of businesses that most definitely benefit from the custom car air freshener. Let’s take a look:

An item to go hand in hand with car dealerships

When you’re selling a car, what better giveaway to present to the new owner than a custom car air freshener! It’s a great way to remind customers of the dealership and to recommend to others when purchasing their next car. It’s also a great way to remind the customer of your services and get them to consider coming back to you for any future sales. Simply include your name, logo, and contact details!

For car washes, air fresheners are a no brainer

Presenting customers with a promotional car freshener is the icing on the cake for a freshly cleaned vehicle. Customers will appreciate the additional touch to their freshly washed car, especially if it is hanging in the car when they re-enter. This gentle reminder of the car wash, their services and their brand will certainly create customer retention, and create a lasting memory through so many of the senses.

A great marketing tool for car servicing garages 

Garages tend to giveaway something with their name and contact details on following a service, oil replacement, or repair. Custom car air fresheners are the better choice, as customers are likely to get more use out of it than most other promotional products. It remains in the car and gives the customer immediate access to contact details should they need you in a hurry!

A fantastic budget giveaway for charities

Charities run mostly on the goodwill of others, so choosing the right promotional products needs careful cost consideration. Custom car air fresheners are the perfect hand-out as they cost little to produce, need minimal time to produce and have a great impact. Car air fresheners are always within the eyeline of the driver, so the organisation will forever be embedded in their memory, along with a nice smelling car!

Retailers benefit from a discreet and lightweight promotional item

If your retail shop is inclined to give customers branded merchandise as a thank you for their business, custom car air fresheners are the ideal choice. They can be slipped into the bag at the end of the sale and the scent will resonate for future sales. Ensure the company name, logo and contact details are on the design, and you will ensure repeat custom.

They can also be given away to distributors and potential contributors to the business to further enhance growth and loyalty.

Gifts to entice renewal conversions for insurance companies

Whether you’re signing up new clients or wanting to retain existing clients, custom air fresheners can be the perfect marketing tool. Easy to post, you can simply include one with any correspondence of payment receipt. This simple gesture will show you care and entice customers to choose you for future requirements. 

Cleaning companies can leave their custom mark

Cleaning companies can simply dot custom air fresheners around where they clean. The smell itself is a welcoming smell, and the inclusion of a logo, name and contact details will help to enhance the overall experience and stick in customers minds.

And so many more!

From politicians, to artists, event planners, real estate agents, sponsors and partners; the use of promotional car fresheners can be the difference between a lasting impression and a throwaway product. Custom car air fresheners not only look good, they serve a purpose, and they awaken the senses. At PromoTrade, we understand the importance of choosing the right branded merchandise of businesses. And we believe custom car air fresheners are the perfect promotional product. Our budget car air fresheners can be made into any shape within 80x80mm; they can be printed in full colour as standard, and there are 15 fragrances to choose from.

If you are in the market for a promotional car freshener or any promotional products for cars, make sure you take a look at our full range of Promotional products for cars. We supply car themed promotional products to a range of trade customers and will be more than happy to assist with your car giveaway marketing needs.

And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email:

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