Charity wristband printing for your next campaign

When it comes to choosing a simple and effective way to raise funds for a charity, promotional wristbands are definitely top of the list. They are used globally and with a wide range of options to choose from, it’s easy to see why. You can choose from silicon wristbands, to fabric wristbands and reflective snap bands, to name but a few. And with different branding options available, it’s easy to see why they are such a huge hit with businesses and customers alike. So why should you consider printed wristbands for your next campaign? Let’s take a look:

Printed wristbands are the accessory that keeps on giving

Printed wristbands are a popular choice for charity fundraising because the recipient who wears them tends to keep it on their wrist long after the event. They are so easy to wear than many forget they even have it on their wrist – so can still make an impact without impacting their day-to-day lives. And with their bright colours, they are bound to strike up conversation with others, and in turn help to promote your business and the charity.

Promotional wristbands are cost effective

Wristbands are relatively cheap to produce. Owing to their size and material, they can cost mere pennies to produce. The durability of the materials also means you are likely to have wristbands outliving other promotional items, making them a great choice to raise awareness in the long-term.

Choose a colour that matches your branding

When choosing promotional wristbands for a charity, you want to consider the base colour – especially with silicon wristbands. Whilst you might be tempted to choose a base colour to match your own branding, you might be better off choosing a base colour that ties in with the charity and the cause itself. Each colour on a wristband has a different meaning and therefore a different purpose. You want to be sure you are choosing the right colour for the right cause.

Silicone wristbands are widely used

These are the most popular choice. Widely used for promotional purposes, events and to help raise awareness and fundraising for charity. They are popular for their low cost, durability and versatility. There’s a vast range of base colours to choose from, and designs can be printed, embossed, debossed and even colour-filled to match yours and your charity’s branding. Available in adult, youth and child sizes, and made from eco-friendly silicon.

Fabric wristbands

For a bit more money, you can choose customised woven fabric wristbands. These are more common within music festivals; however, have become increasingly popular for charity fundraising. You can even choose RPET Fabric wristbands made from recycled plastic to encourage the reuse of plastic waste, and promote your company as a contributor to the sustainability of the planet.

Reflective snap bands

Reflective snap bands are a fun way of carrying any promotional message, and providing visibility in the process. With a soft velvet backing, they ensure comfort and come in 6 sizes options and a choice of 15 base colours. They are also available in EN13356 certified material.

At PromoTrade, we understand the importance of promotional wristbands and we appreciate how useful they can be as a promotional product for your business and charity. If you are in the market for some custom printed wristbands, take a look at our full promo wristbands range, including our lower budget, tyvek and plastic wristbands. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email:

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