5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to Show you Care

If you have a business that invests in promotional products or are researching ways to boost customer loyalty, then it’s worth considering some of the latest eco-friendly items on the market. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they will also promote the message that yours is a business that cares about that, which is something that is becoming increasingly important to many customers. It’s an easy switch to make, with so many eco-friendly promotional products available today. Here, we have put together some of the best eco-friendly merchandise ideas for you as inspiration and why they are always a great investment.

Bags of goodness

There are many types of business’ that opt to use bags as promotional items. From sports brands to pet stores. A free bag is a welcome gift to almost anyone! With most people these days making efforts to use bags for life or reusable bags when they go shopping, a complimentary promotional bag will definitely come in handy at some point, if not daily or weekly. Going one step further, Eco-friendly bags are a great way to invest in branded merchandise. You can take comfort in knowing that your promotional gifts are earth friendly and will never end up in landfill. They can be branded in exactly the same manner as other promotional items which means your branded bags can spread your message or logo, making impressions everywhere and every time they are used. Choose from recycled rpet bags to eco-friendly tote bags. The choice is vast so there’s really no reason not to take the plunge!

Writing for the future

For a while, it seemed like writing with good old-fashioned pen and paper might become obsolete. However, there has been a big resurgence in recent years towards the use of stationery again. Particularly stationery that looks attractive. Branded stationery can be both practical and pretty if the design is well considered. This is made easier, in many ways, if you opt for recycled promotional stationery since many of the eco-friendly styles out there already have a utilitarian but designer feel about them. Any customer or member of staff will be happy to receive branded recycled pens and even better if they come with a notepad as well. A promotional recycled pad and pen set is one of those gifts that will come in handy again and again, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Recycling is key

If you’re going to use keyrings as branded merchandise, it really does make sense, environmentally and commercially, to opt for recycled promotional keyrings. Your customers will really appreciate that you are considering the environment when you hand them a branded eco-friendly gift. Not only do recycled keyrings look more stylish than some of their cheap, plastic counterparts, they also won’t place extra stress on the earth when they are no longer wanted or have worn out. Reducing plastic waste is the responsibility of every individual, but if you can make eco-friendly decisions as a business, you are increasing the efforts on a much larger scale.

Bottle up good feeling

If there is one promotional product that almost everyone loves, it’s a reusable drinks bottle. They remain top of the list for branded merchandise for a reason. A water bottle can be filled with whatever drink you prefer and if it’s thermal, it can even keep your drink ice cold or piping hot. Most people these days like to have a drink handy when they’re out and about. With the push towards taking environmentally friendly action, a lot of people prefer to take one with them in a reusable bottle instead of creating waste by buying drinks bottles that they then need to dispose of afterwards. Eco friendly water bottles are a fantastic choice for a promotional product since your customers will find them both super useful and be grateful that they have an item that either has been and/or can be recycled.

Surprise and delight

There are some promotional products out there that are made from recycled materials which might surprise you. Such as headphones or speakers. Whilst items like these are in a slightly higher price bracket compared with say, keyrings, there are some business’ that they will be ideal for. Companies who deal in tech or software would be well placed to utilise items such as recycled power banks or eco-friendly wireless phone chargers. They can be branded just like any other promotional item and given out at conferences, trade shows or staff events. Branded merchandise that surprises and delights make your company memorable and viewed as a place that values its staff and customers.

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