Why summer is the best time to use promotional pet products 

When it comes to promotional products, everyone loves a freebie or a sale item. And they love it even more if it creates a sense of experience. By theming your promotional products around the time of year, you will automatically get more buy-in. Summer is the perfect season for people to invest in more holiday-centric items, as they gear themselves up toward the warmer weather. And promotional pet products are just as important as owners prep their animals for the hotter climate too! Here are a number of reasons why summer is the best time to use promotional pet products within your marketing campaign: 

The great outdoors 

People will be finding themselves outside more than in the winter months, soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the longer days. And if they have a pet, they too are more likely to spend more time outside, so it’s important to ensure they have what they need to maintain this lifestyle. Promotional products that tailor both the person and the pet are a great way to involve everybody in your marketing campaign and get a stronger investment from pet lovers.  

Holidays and travel 

More holidays take place over the summer, and many pet owners will bring their pets along for the ride. This creates a prime opportunity for businesses to offer up promotional pet products that cater to travel needs, such as collapsible dog bowls or pet poop bag dispensers, as well as branded drinkware products for the owner, who coincidentally will be thinking about their pet’s hydration as well as their own. Businesses can therefore increase their brand visibility to their pet owner contingency by providing practical and useful items. 

Pet safety 

The warmer months can prove difficult for animals as much as humans, especially when it comes to the extreme heat, and even when it comes to attracting pests; for us, it’s flies, moths, bees and wasps, for pets, it’s fleas and ticks. Insect repellent and sun inhibitors can protect and enhance comfort during the warmer months; branded drinkware encourages hydration, and branded hats help to keep the sun off – both of which, are equally important for humans as well as pets. These types of promotional products will highlight your brand as an advocate for pet safety and well-being, which is greatly valued within the pet owner world.  

Seasonal trends and social media 

Whether it’s seasonal clothing or accessories, toys or games to keep their pets active, a seasonal item is always a popular choice. This is a great way to add a sense of experience within promotional products and you can tap into what your audience would like to see in the summer. This will no doubt increase your social media presence as people take pictures of their pets in or with the seasonal items. Increased social media can lead to greater brand exposure, awareness and in-turn lead to more sales, investment and potentially new customers. 

Promotional Pet Products with PromoTrade 

Summer offers a range of opportunities to market your business through promotional pet products. Whether it’s through increased outdoor activities, travel, safety or seasonal trends, there is a lot of scope to promote your business though a more experience-led marketing campaign, boosting engagement with pet owners and raising awareness of your business and your brand to drive customer loyalty and increase revenue.  

So, if you’re in the market for promotional pet products for the summer months, including branded hats and branded drinkware, PromoTrade can help! 

And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co