What Are the Benefits of Reusable Water bottles?

Maintaining good health and mental wellbeing has never been more important. And surrounding yourself with the right tools to help you in this journey are just as key. That is where reusable water bottles have become increasingly popular. They offer everything one needs to maintain a healthy state of mind, from saving money, to keeping hydrated, as well as helping the environment and also keeping drinks at the right temperature for longer.

The benefits are vast, so let’s take a look at each in more detail to see why reusable water bottles are here to stay:

Helps monitor hydration

Hydration is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By keeping hydrated, you’re less likely to experience headaches, fatigue and other health-related issues. On average, most adults need to drink 2 to 2.5 litres of fluid a day, approximately 8 glasses. And it can be difficult to fit in when you’re going about your daily business. That’s where reusable water bottles come in! They allow you to drink more readily, and in larger quantities than single use plastic bottles or a glass. And it’s easier to take note of how much you’ve drunk and how many times you refill.


The whole point of a reusable water bottle is to have something to hand at all times. They are designed to move with you, so often have leak-proof caps, ergonomic designs, and are able to fit into back-packs or cup holders wherever you are. This level of portability makes them extremely convenient and therefore more popular to the masses.


Made from strong materials, reusable water bottles are much more durable than their single-use counter-parts. Whether you opt for stainless steel, glass, or heavy-duty plastics, they are designed to withstand a higher level of wear and tear, and can last for years! This level of durability makes them the better choice, not only for the owner but for the environment.


As touched upon above, reusable water bottles are the ultimate eco-friendly product. They have a much lower environmental impact to single-use plastic bottles, as they can be used over and over again, significantly reducing the carbon footprint, and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by plastic waste.

Saves money

In current times, where people are struggling to make ends meet, people are further drawn to items that can help them keeps costs down. And reusable water bottles do just that. While their initial price is higher than a single-use plastic bottle, their reusability can literally save a person hundreds of pounds. And many businesses, parks and airports are supporting reusable water bottles with their own refill stations. 

Maintains temperature for longer

Depending on how you use your water bottle, reusable’s keep their temperature far longer than single-use alternatives. Made with insulating materials, you can ensure your drink temperature is maintained throughout the day. This is extremely useful if you accidentally leave it in the car, can’t easily access a fridge on a warm day, or leave at your desk during a meeting. It will remain as fresh as the moment you made it.

Make a statement

Nowadays, reusable water bottles can help to make a statement too! Whether it’s promoting a brand, product or service, making people aware of a campaign or expressing your personality, reusable water bottles are a great canvas for a bold design. Who said reusable water bottles had to be boring – now’s the time to be bold! And with an item you carry on your person daily, why not start with your reusable water bottle!

Reusable water bottles with PromoTrade

Embracing reusable water bottles is a choice that greatly benefits everyone. From saving the planet, to saving pennies, maintaining your health and well-being as well as portraying your own elements of style. Reusable water bottles are the eco-friendly choice designed to help fight plastic pollution to help enhance your hydration too!

If you’re in the market for some reusable water bottles, we at PromoTrade can help with our Promo Drink options.  And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: sales@promotrade.co