Top 5 Promotional Products For Cars

When it comes to retaining customers and maintaining customer loyalty, the best way to advocate for your business is through promotional products. And this is especially true when it comes to providing people with promotional products for cars. The power of a promotional product when compared to television, print and online advertising is far greater, boasting the highest advertising recall. Success, however, does require largely on the items chosen. A carefully planned promotional campaign is required to ensure you are choosing the right items for your consumer base. You want to make sure you are choosing items that are useful so they are not instantly thrown to the wayside.

If you want people to think of your brand and promote your business, give careful consideration to the promotional products you are choosing. We’ve pulled together our top 5 promotional products for cars below:

Wireless Charger

In this modern age, many people require their phones 24/7. By offering them a charging system within the car you are offering up an excellent piece of equipment, almost as desirable as the car itself. Whether it’s to ensure they get to their desired location, or have their phone ready for an emergency call, providing people with a wireless charger for their cars will ensure they think of your business every day!

Air Freshener

The staple choice for promotional car products is the air freshener. Keep that new smell for longer with a personalised air freshener, clearly showing your brand logo and ideally your contact details. At PromoTrade, we offer bespoke designs within 80x80mm size, full colour print to one or both sides, as well as 15 fragrances to choose from, and a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces; so you’re guaranteed to freshen up someone’s day.

Water bottle

It’s thirsty work driving around the place, so to have a water bottle dedicated to the car is a must. Hydration has never been more important, so by offering water bottles as part of your promotional giveaway you are marketing yourself as a caring car business with your consumers best interests at heart. Make sure your logo is front and centre so they know who to thank when they are parched.

Ice scraper

As we reach the colder months, you can make getting the car ready easier, by offering customers their very own ice scraper, adorned with your brand logo. With a range of options to choose from, including wallet ice scrapers, you can make de-icing the car a stress free and simple process. 

Trunk organisers

Cars can get messy – of that there is no doubt. Swanning from a to b with umpteen items, it’s good to provide customers with something to help make their lives a little less messy and a lot more organised. Whether you offer up a bag, basket or a complete trunk organiser, you can rest assured you have provided your customers with a useful product that will help make their lives that little bit easier.

Promotional Products for Cars with PromoTrade

You can make a lasting impression on your target audience by simply giving away promotional items with your company’s logo printed on. Consumers will be seeing your brand and your message for years to come and will no doubt use that knowledge to return to you in future and advocate for your company to others.

So, if you’re in the market for some promotional products for cars, to help improve your brand awareness with the masses, look no further than PromoTrade. We have a range of items to suit and if you can’t find what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: