Pricing FAQs:

  1.       How much is Delivery?

Delivery to one UK mainland address is included in the overall cost. If you require a split delivery, please let us know when placing your order and the additional cost will be provided. For international shipping, please reach out to our team for information on shipping costs and available services.


  1.       How much is Set up and origination?

All of our pricing includes set up and origination fees, with no additional charges.


  1.         How does pricing work?

Our pricing is based on price breaks, which are outlined in our pricing grid matrix. While you can place a custom order, the pricing will fall within the range of the price breaks.


  1.         I am currently getting a cheaper price elsewhere, can you help?

Absolutely, we encourage you to contact our sales team via email, chat, or phone so we can work with our pricing team to offer you the best deal possible.


  1.       How come the pricing is so cheap?

Our ability to offer products at competitive prices is a result of the high volume of orders we process and the scale of our production and shipping operations. This allows us to maintain quality products and service while offering affordable prices. Our primary objective is to provide the best products and service at a great price..