Promotional travel products that your customers will love

Do you run a business and are thinking about investing in some branded merchandise to help boost trade or loyalty? If so, promotional travel products are a great idea, and you will find there are some items that your customers will find really useful. It’s very common for people to travel around these days – either for work or to visit friends and family. Or just for breaks and holidays. Some cleverly chosen articles can make those trips go more smoothly – and you can help your customer along with helpful items they didn’t even realise they needed! Let’s delve into some product ideas to inspire.

Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

Being able to play music whilst away, for some people, is essential. Taking a travel speaker on a trip is like keeping a soundtrack to your time away. People like to switch off and escape, especially on family or working holidays. Having a Bluetooth speaker than connects effortlessly to a phone or laptop is an easy way of being able to create some ambience when having some time out. In addition, they can be used to play audio books for children at bedtime or whilst driving – if the car doesn’t have a Bluetooth connector. A promotional Bluetooth speaker will be a valued and welcomed gift or add on for your customers.

Branded USB Chargers

Nearly everyone these days has a gadget that requires a USB charger. Frequently, these types of items get lost, go missing or get broken. Particularly in larger households or offices. A gifted promotional USB charger is always going to be well received. Being branded with your logo or message, a promotional USB charger will be a constant reminder of your business whenever your customer uses it. Or anyone else that uses it in the family, household or office, that your customer lends it to. They are one of those super useful items that will always get used, making them a valued promotional gift.

Branded Travel Adapters

When it comes to going abroad, there are some items that are an essential part of the packing process. A travel adapter is one of those. Having the correct adapter for the destination means vital belongings such as hairdryers, laptops, phones and tablets can be used. And even though they are a relatively inexpensive item, travel adapters are often an oversight or get lost on trips away. Receiving a branded travel adapter as a promotional gift will be well received by clients or customers. Even if they are squirrelled away until their next trip, once the customer remembers they have that gift, they will associate your company with being helpful and generous. And they will remember you every time they plug it in.

Branded Travel Mugs

Who doesn’t love a brew on the go? Reusable drinkware is fast becoming some of the most popular promotional gifting available. A travel mug can be branded with your logo or message and can fit in with almost any type of business. Your customer will love receiving a branded travel mug, since these types of items are just so handy. Anyone who sees it in use will also see your company branding. Research shows that 88% of consumers admit that they remember a company better if they receive a promotional product from them. Branded travel mugs will create lasting impressions.

Promotional Travel Pillows

Getting comfortable whilst travelling isn’t always easy but packing a travel pillow can help. Not everyone owns such an item and many people wouldn’t necessarily think to buy one, but receiving a promotional travel pillow as a gift might just be the item your customer needs. Having your branding printed on it means that if they take it on any public transport such as a train, coach or aeroplane, they, and everyone else in the vicinity will see it, creating a lasting impression.

Branded Luggage Tags

A luggage tag doesn’t just need to be used whilst travelling on a plane. They’re also handy for using with gym bags, whilst staying at a hotel, when visiting a spa or pool. They basically just ensure the owners identity is clear on any bag which can be most helpful if something goes missing. Branded luggage tags are perfect promotional merchandise for any company in the travel industry and they will be happily received from customers since they most likely aren’t going to be at the top of anyone’s holiday shopping list. And even if they are, it’ll be one item less to get. Anywhere that your customer takes their bag with your branded luggage tag attached, your company logo will be seen.

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