Promotional gift ideas for your next conference

Conferences are ideally placed to fill existing and potential customer’s pockets with promotional products to remember you by. If you want to promote your business and increase brand awareness, there is no better way than with a company branded product. The more people who use these items, the more your branding is seen by others, and the more impact your business is likely to have. Not to mention an increase in brand loyalty. Everybody loves free stuff, and if that stuff is useful, they are more likely to consider your business in the future and recommend you to others. We’ve pulled together some key promotional gift ideas that we think will help promote your business at your next conference. Let’s take a look:



Even in today’s technological age, stationery is still an essential part of life. And this type of promotional gift is easy and cost effective to produce in bulk. From company branded notebooks to cheap promotional pens, stationery is a great starting point for any promotional gift. And it will guarantee your brand in front and centre in the eyes of the beholder as well as passers-by.



A great way to hand out promotional gifts is with a promotional bag. People will be grateful to have somewhere to stash all their swag, and the bag will likely be used for future use. Branded cloth bags are a great option as these can fold up small when not in use to save space, allowing people to put in their pocket, purse or have in their drawer or car. This level of convenience will help to shine a light on your brand as a reliable and dependable company. Not to mention the amount of space you have to play with to get your branding noticed.



Drinkware is always a popular choice as it’s a daily necessity for everyone. With a range of drinks bottles and travel mugs for hot and cold options, there is also something for everyone, allowing you to cater for a wider audience, from little people to the older generation. Branded coffee flasks are a popular choice, and work well not just for coffee, but for all types of drinks, with a good printing area to add you company logo and promote your business.



Most people will have keys to their house, car or office, so a branded keyring is a solid choice to get your brand out there. Branded trolley coins have the additional advantage of helping people out when they go to the supermarket or the gym. By choosing this option you’re allowing your brand not only to be seen but to emphasise your use as a company. People will think of you as a useful brand and will more likely choose your brand over others.




Promotional gift ideas by PromoTrade

At PromoTrade, we pride ourselves in providing the best options for promotional gift ideas with a wide range of ‘swag’ to choose from, including; company branded notebooks, promotional pens, branded cloth bags, coffee flasks and trolley coins. So if you’re in the market for some promotional gifts for your next conference, we at PromoTrade would be happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email: