How to use active promotional products as a Personal Trainer

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, you are looking for someone who can keep you in shape. There are many different ways to do this, and all personal trainers know their way around a gym or outside space. However, nowadays, personal trainers need more than just their knowledge, skills and understanding to help people get into shape. If they want to be remembered and referred, sometimes they need a little more. That’s where active promotional products can help. They are a great way to boost advertising for a personal trainer, who is usually a one-man show, or connected to a specific gym. If you are considering adding active promotional products to your marketing strategy, give some thought as to how you can incorporate them within your marketing campaign and whether they are the right decision for you.

Increase brand awareness

There is no denying that promotional fitness products will boost your brand awareness. It gets your name out there immediately and lets potential clients know you are here and ready to help them reach their full fitness potential. The more people see your name or logo, the more familiar you become and therefore the more trusted and used you will become too! It creates a stand out from the average Joe and with the right promotional fitness product you can encourage clients to reach their fitness goal!

Consider the cost

Depending on the type of active promotional products you choose, you will need to give thought to how much money you have in the budget for promotional items. They may not initially have a good return on investment so you need to be mindful about what you can afford in order to get your name out there. You also don’t want to scrimp on the promotional items that you do choose, as low-quality items reflect badly on your business; it indicates you’re thinking more about getting your name out there than benefiting the lives of your clients.

Choosing your active products

If you do decide to use promotional fitness products to build up your business, there are a variety of options to choose from. The most obvious choice is a promotional drinks bottle as this works for all types of fitness junkies. People can use them before, during and after their work out for a range of liquids, from good quality H20 to protein smoothies. It demonstrates a level of care for you clients’ wellbeing, as staying active requires a decent level of hydration too!

Promotional bandanas are also a good choice as their versatility makes them useful to wear for a range of activities and in a range of climates; their multifunctional design allows them to be used as a face covering, headband, wristband, scarf or balaclava. They are also lightweight and compact making them easy to transport and give away when needed.

When to use promotional products

Once you’ve decided on your active promotional products, you need to give careful consideration to when you want to hand them out. You can send out to potential customers to entice them to join you. This can be a bit of a gamble as you might not see a return on investment for some time. Or you could hand out when existing clients achieve their fitness goals, or when they complete an event, you’ve sponsored. Promotional products don’t have to be limited to clients either. If you hire a new employee and want to make them feel part of the team, you can give them a promotional fitness product. Or again, if they reach a milestone within the workplace, as a corporate reward.

Promo Active

Whichever way you choose to incorporate promotional fitness products as a personal trainer, make sure they are embedded within your marketing campaign so people are aware of what is on offer. This will encourage them to use you and to stick with you, as everyone loves a reward. 

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