Advantages Of Using Promotional Bang Bang Sticks

Whether you know them as bang bang sticks, thunder sticks or even cheering sticks, you will have seen said sticks being used for promotional purposes at a range of different events. They have become a popular and effective marketing tool for promoting sports, games, concerts and other highly populated events. These inflatable sticks are typically made from polyethylene and offer several advantages for promoting a business while creating a buzz around their brand.

Instant brand recognition

Promotional bang bang sticks offer a high visual impact to anyone who sees them. Simply add your logo and you’ve got instant brand recognition. People attending events with bang bang sticks will ultimately use the sticks, see the branding, and associate the event and the fun time they had with your business; thus leaving a lasting impression of your business in their minds. 

High customisation

Promotional bang bang sticks are very versatile, offering a high degree of customisation. Whether you choose from your logo, a slogan, message or image on the surface, you can ensure your design is personal to your brand and allows you to get your message across; making for an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Engagement and interaction

Promotional bang bang sticks offer high engagement and interaction. Their sole purpose is for people to bang them together to rally the troops and cheer up the crowd. Anyone who handles them is actively participating in creating a lively atmosphere; and by having your business branded over them, you are associated with creating a fun and memorable experience, and will reinforce your brand to all.

Cost effective promotion

Promotional bang bang sticks are a cost-effective way to generate brand visibility. Relatively quick, easy and inexpensive to produce and distribute in comparison to traditional advertising methods, such as TV and radio. They are a great option for limited marketing budgets.

Versatile application

Promotional bang bang sticks can be used in various settings, from sports events, to music concerts, to a trade show or product launch. Bang bang sticks can be incorporated into different promotional strategies. This versatility allows them to be adaptable to a diverse range of marketing opportunities.

Compact and easy to distribute

Practically, promotional bang bang sticks are compact in size when deflated. They are therefore easy to transport, store and distribute at events. Businesses can therefore disperse to a larger audience to maximise their promotional reach.

Promotional bang bang sticks with PromoTrade

The advantages of using promotional bang bang sticks extends beyond cost-effectiveness. With instant brand recognition through high customisation, a versatile application allowing for interaction and engagement, as well as ease of distribution, promotional bang bang sticks are a valuable tool for businesses looking to make a memorable impact in their marketing efforts.

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