Express Service Terms and Conditions

Express and Super Express Terms and Conditions

Promotrade Co is hereby known as ‘The Seller’
The individual placing the order is hereby known as ‘The Buyer’
A Third party is an individual or organisation who are not associated with the Seller,
however, may work with the Seller to help fulfil the order.,
1.  Please note that the expected delivery date quoted on the website is an estimated
delivery date. If unsure, please call prior to placing your order to confirm the Seller
can meet your lead time.
2. The expected delivery date provided on the website is subject to the Buyer placing the
order by 12pm and approving by 4pm on the same day the order is placed. If the
buyer approves the order after the 4pm deadline, then the expected delivery date will
move by at least one working day.
3. The Buyer must provide print-ready artwork and cannot make any amendments to
artwork proof once received. If the artwork proof is amended this may add at least one
working day to the delivery date.
4.  A one-day delay in approval may not mean one day added to your delivery date.
i. Lead times are quoted from the date of approval. Any times quoted for
delivery are estimates and the Seller shall not be liable for a failure to
deliver with the time quoted.

2. If the Buyer’s delivery address is outside of the United Kingdom the Buyer must seek
confirmation from the Seller that the lead time can be met by the Buyer, prior to
placing an order.
3. Delivery of the Goods shall be made to the Buyer’s address as specified in the Buyers
purchase order on the Delivery Date. The Seller under no circumstances will
manipulate the data provided by the Buyer, therefore, it is the Buyer’s responsibility
to ensure the delivery instructions are accurate.
4. The Seller will make every effort to produce the goods on time and as per your
requirement. The Seller cannot allow for third party delays and as such is not liable
for any delays.
5. The Seller will not be liable for delay in delivery of goods that is caused by a Force
Majeure Event or the Buyer’s failure to provide the Seller with adequate delivery
instructions or any other instructions that are relevant to the Supply of Goods. Please
note that a delay in providing this information may add at least one working day to the
Seller’s expected delivery date.
6. Where delays occur, the order value in full will be due including any surcharges.
7. The decision to proceed is at the risk of the Buyer and the decision to proceed should
be taken with all the eventualities considered.
8.  In addition to the Terms and Conditions for an Express or Super Express Order, the
Sellers standard Terms and Conditions apply.
9. The Seller reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or withdraw this
service without prior notice.