Promotional products for bars – here’s our most effective options

Have you recently opened a new bar? Do you have a bar space within your workplace? Or are you looking at having a bar within your next exhibition stand? Then you must be in the market for some branded merchandise help to boost your business!

At PromoTrade, we can help! We have quite a range of options to choose from when considering promotional products for bars; all you have to do is simply add your logo, product or slogan.

Here are our most effective options:

 You know straws will get used

Promotional straws are always a popular choice, whether it’s with cocktails or a spirit and mixer – you know a straw will get used and therefore create a great awareness of your brand. We have a few options to choose from; consider: paper, silicone or even metal!

Of course, these items tend to have short-term use, so, choosing the right material needs serious consideration. Paper straws will need replenishing more often, and are more likely to be exhausted after one use. Whilst silicone or metal options provide the consumer with a promotional takeaway that they will more likely keep and re-use at home. They do come at a higher cost but their longevity makes up for it.

Every always need a bottle opener 

Bottle openers can be used anywhere and everywhere and can be used for different bottle types. Everyone always needs a bottle opener!

They’re a great piece of branded merchandise and many have the keyring options so consumers will always have it to hand as they go about their daily lives, helping to raise brand awareness significantly.

At PromoTrade, you can choose from our popular talon openers, in large or small, or even our option which doubles up as a phone holder!  And if you like the sound of something with dual purpose, we also have a bottle opener magnet as well as a fidget spinner option.

Our corkscrew and opener is another good choice, if you want something with all bells and whistles. Or if you’re looking for simplicity, we have our standard plastic option, and our wooden option for a bit more style.

Coasters provide immediate branding on every table

These can be displayed on each table and also on the bar. They provide immediate branding and are a great option to promote your brand. At PromoTrade we have a pvc coaster option which can be circular, square, or even moulded to a bespoke shape, providing it’s within the size requirements. These are a great way to keep your logo or messaging present at all times.

So, there you have it. There are so promotional bar products to choose from! If our list has helped inspire you to order some promotional products for bars, be sure to take a look at our full bar range. And if you need any help deciding what trade only promotional products are right to resell to businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08456 17 16 15 or email:

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