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Eco Office MerchBox

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The Eco Office Pack consists of Eco-Friendly products which are perfect for the office life. These products are also perfect for working from home and even educational purposes. Within this box a wide range of different eco-friendly materials are used. This really is the Ultimate Eco-Friendly MerchBox with products that can be used daily.

Each Product can be branded with any 1 colour print logo, making each pack unique to the company. Each product is available in a wide range of colours allowing you to coordinate the colours of the product or match your brand colours.

Products within the Ultra Pack:
Chile Notebook – This notebooks cover is made from Recycled Cardboard, and are stitch bound. It includes 60 lined sheets.
Beedon Eco Pen – A push-up mechanism ball point pen, made from recycled cardboard. Also comes with a stylus at the tip. The body is natural in colour but the nose cone and clip are available in a wide range of different colours.
Eco Sticky Notes – A Pad of 5 different coloured Sticky Tabs, cased in a recycled cardboard cover. 100 mini sticky notes are included.
Venus Pop Stand - This is a Multifunctional product that acts as a Phone Stand and a Phone Holder which is perfect for taking selfies. Made from a combination of Wheat, ABS and Straw. Simply stick it to the back of your phone and it's ready to use!
Kisha Bamboo USB – 16GB USB Stick made from Natural Bamboo. Has a twist action mechanism to open and close.
Vayda Wireless Charger – A stylish wireless charger made from a combination of Wheat, ABS and Straw, to encourage the use of natural raw materials. Comes with a non-slip base and LED charging status indicator. Cable included.
Verity Powerbank - Eco-Friendly Powerbank with 5,000 mAh, ultra-compact, external auxiliary battery. Made from wheat straw, to encourage the use of natural raw materials. Dual USB output and micro USB input. Incorporating non-recycled, grade A batteries, with a service life of at least 500 charging cycles, and complying with CE regulations.

Products within the Super Pack:
Chile Notebook, Beedon Eco Pen, Eco Sticky Notes and Venus Pop Stand.

Products within the Mini Pack:
Chile Notebook and Beedon Eco Pen.

All the products are beautifully packed and ready to distribute to the receivers. We also offer Multiple Delivery Fulfilments and send these direct to the receivers for an additional cost.

If you don't like what you see please let us know and we can tailor, the MerchBox to your requirements with our Swapables Scheme.
All Merchboxes are packed into a postal box, which you can choose the colour, with coloured shred to ensure the products do not get damaged when in transit.
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Product Materials
Packed in a Cardbaord Box with Card Shred
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